Suggestion Premium plugins visible for non-registered users

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What do you think of the suggestion?

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  1. Premium plugins should be visible for EVERYONE

  2. Premium plugins shouldn't be visible for EVERYONE

  3. Premium plugins should only be visible for WEB-CRAWLERS and REGISTERED USERS

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  1. Hello there Spigot :)

    I want to make 1 interesting suggestion that will provide 2 benefits, 1 for the platform, and 1 for most developers. And, in my point of view, i couldn't find any con, comment it if you find some and tell me.

    Suggestion 1 .- Premium plugins visible for non-registered users
    Benefits for the platform

    More spigot links will appear in google, making SpigotMC get better positioned in google search and easier to find for a standard internet user (making that new users registers in the forum at the end).

    Benefits for developers
    The main benefit for the developers is that their plugin will finally be able to reach people that is not registered, and trust me, theres a lot of people that searches "Leatherboard plugin" or "Bans plugin" or "Farm plugin" or "Anti AFK plugin" without being registered in the forum. All those developers (including me) are losing potential customers and the platform (spigot) is losing users.

    In case the suggestion gets rejected, atleast you could make that crawlers can read the premium plugins page content so we, developers gets our premium products in a better position and easier to find in google.
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  2. I don't get why Spigot doesn't allow non-registered users to not see premium plugins, I agree with this.
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    They can and do
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  4. What do you mean?? If a player is not registered to the spigot forum and go to a premium resource, the website says "You need to be registered to view that".
  5. drives_a_ford


    Read what he replied to again, please.
    And then try googling for a premium plugin.
    It'll become clear that crawlers do in fact have access and do in fact index those pages.
  6. Oh i didn't know, thanks so much, with web-crawlers being able to index and take content im fine and happy, but i still have the same question.

    Why premium resources are not visible for everyone? Im sure theres a solid reason for that but i can't find it myself.