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What would give a premium plugin more exposure

  1. Making previous, smaller plugins for free

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  2. Having a good reputation with the community

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  3. Having a good rep with previous, free, smaller plugins

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  4. Doesn't matter

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  1. So I was looking for more of a straightforward opinion and moreso looking for a more broad input, so I was wondering when you want to upload a premium plugin is it better to have smaller, free plugins beforehand, have a good reputation, or just sell the plugin as is without any previous work. I was wondering what everyone thought was the better way because I was thinking of releasing a premium plugin but wanted to know if making smaller plugins for free would allow it to get more exposure.

    Please comment your ideas on this question, I'd love to hear feedback. Please don't just say stuff like "we don't care" because it's not helpful to anyone. (I hope I worded the question correctly)
  2. If it stands out.
  3. True, that could heavily impact the buying, but let's say mvdw posted a premium plugin, it would get more exposure than some random kid uploading a premium plugin, even if it didn't stand out as much.
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  4. I think it doesn't matter that much. If you made a quality plugin with unique features your plugin will get the attention it deserves.
  5. I would get ideas from the community first on what they REALLY want and make plugins out of those then advertise them like nuts (in a nice way) on Spigot forums. Then I would release a premium plugin and who knows, you could become @MaximvdwV2
  6. Good ideas but a lot of people who say premium plugins talk about making them unique and they say you should think them up yourself etc, I think if it's unique and good then it will get good exposure, I think a good rep and portfolio helps to an extent, I think I'm going to be releasing an admin control plugin, as well as an OITC game mode both open source soonish
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  7. :eek:
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  8. Wat?
  9. Yes, though he has been known throughout Bukkit and Spigot's forums a majority of his attention has been received from his quality and first-of its kind projects.
  10. The features and uniqueness are way more important than exposure through smaller plugins. Anyway, you want to focus on your premium plugins instead of dealing all those feature requests with your smaller free plugins. Sure it is nice to have a good reputation, but most of the time the buyer's are foreign people (who speak really bad english :p) or people you never come across on the forums with like 5 or 6 messages in total. So most of the time people who buy your plugin have never seen you before.

    Just add great features (correctly) and your good ;)
  11. I see what you mean and fully agree, the reason I'm doing the smaller ones is a just because kind of thing.