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Should it be added?

  1. Yep!

  2. Nope :/

  1. So, my suggestion is: When a premium resource is under approval under the 'This resource is awaiting approval' Have a similar one saying something like 'You are X on the queue'. This would not only inform the author how long the approval would take, obviously not exactly bytstill it's something but it would also reduce the threads asking how long it takes unrilthwir plugin is approved.
  2. A number would just be a lie in my opinion, since afaik, staff don't go through the queue in chronological order, they pick out the ones they know will be easy, such as smaller plugins, or plugins from trusted developers, then leave the difficult ones to last (or vise versa). There's probably more factors to it, but it's what I'd be doing if I was resource staff.

    I understand the logic that seeing the number would probably reduce the amount of "when is my resource going to be approved" threads, but the number would be a straight lie, so spigot needs to decide whether they want to be honest or not.
  3. MiniDigger


    "I have been number one in the queue for 4 days now you review my resources you lazy fucks!!!"

    Yeah, no, thanks. That only creates more issues then it would solve. Not seeing the queue is a good thing. Turns out ppl have lives so you can't expect linear review numbers, staff does so in bulk. That means a number will not help you with anything as even if you are number 20, your resource might get reviewed on the same day as the one at number one
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  4. It's a nice idea but I agree with what has been said before. And also, it's not like anyone would post a new premium resource on a regular basis. For that once in a while premium resource, you can be patient.
  5. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    We do it in chronological order from oldest to newest. Our job is far from "easy" lol.
    @MiniDigger's reasoning should be enough to understand why this is an absolutely horrible idea.
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  6. Then lets introduce a queue and a premium queue. You pay 50$ and your resource gets a higher priority. :ROFLMAO:
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  7. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    All funds go directly into the pockets of the resource staff team. Suddenly I'm in favour of this suggestion :)

    (im kidding, please don't hurt me)
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  8. If you pay $100 you could skip approval and upload malware as well! :D
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  9. Add more $50 and your plugin will be on top search results!
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  10. don't bother. just wait, and move on to your next job.
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  11. Maximvdw


    Name your price


    That's how mafia works
  12. We could become the next Angie's List!
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  13. Lol ok I guess people can just wait
  14. You shouldn't be worried about when your premium plugins gets approved. Just try to come up with your next idea or go and see if there are some bugs you haven't found yet or things you could improve. Or just go play some random game xD.
  15. Add another $50 and redirects to your plugin for an entire hour!
  16. Add another $50 and you get any premium plugin for free and get to chat as MD_5 in the forum.

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