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  1. I applied my premium resource 13 HOURS ago and it still has not been accepted i don't know why still no answer??!?
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  2. Gaxan


    Because they review them on their own time and have more than just one person submitting premium resources for approval. It may be a week before it gets approved or it could be less.
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  3. WAS


    I'm pretty sure they do a great job of actually looking through your resources code to protect buyers. It takes time to do these inspections and they can only do one at a time per-person I am assuming. Unless they possess super human capabilities we are unaware of, and really run a secret underground organization that dictates world governments actions.
  4. Choco


    We have people in queue since last Tuesday (The 2nd). 13 hours is nothing... Be patient, your resource will be reviewed. We're on volunteer time, and a lot of us have things to do (especially myself, trying to keep grades up for university)
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  5. WAS


    And superhero-esque things to be doing

    Good time to use to work on a new update.
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  6. Choco


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