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  1. Hello,

    Since spigot is not going to ban leakers, I created a list that shows leakers and evidence.
    The goal is to connect the spigot's buyer name with the name in the leakforum, so developers on spigot could report leakers in order to remove the leaker from the buyers list.
    You could also send me a private message if you found a leaker, but please proof that the person is a leaker.
    I am not going to post the full link to leakforum, but you can request it by sending a private message.

    Name on Spigot: @RPGWorld
    Name on Easton ~Developer~

    Leaked plugin(s): DropEdit, TalkingBot

    Resource DropEdit bought on: 26 April 2017
    Request of DropEdit was on: 26 April 2017
    He also leaked TalkingBot:

    You may notice that he has the same follower.
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  2. Choco


    You realize that by listing the names of leakers on this thread, you're being rather counter-productive because you're just providing more attention towards leaked resources... what makes you any better than the people that have leaked the resource now that you have publicly displayed that there are leaked and free versions of those resources public on the internet? Also, what makes you think that you're actually correct in accusing people like this? What if they are not in fact leakers and are honestly innocent people. You've now publicly spread false information and essentially ruined the reputation of another user based on false claims.

    This is completely untrue. You have to realize that Spigot's moderators / resource staff are only capable of dealing with people whom we can definitively prove have leaked a resource. We have no jurisdiction on other websites, and we cannot simply join a leak website and private message the owner saying, "Yea, you should remove this resource because it's leaked"... it's just not going to happen. What do you want us to do? If it's leaked on SpigotMC's Resource Section, report it with a link to the original resource. It will be removed and the author will be banned.

    Horrible idea for a thread, regardless of its intent. All the "evidence" on the user mentioned above could be an utter coincidence. Also, someone following the same person is probably some of the most optimistic and wishful thinking I've ever seen for evidence. I could steal your profile picture for another website and impersonate you under a completely different name (or the same name for that matter in an attempt to get you banned)... It's not that hard
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  3. I don't know if you're still editing your thread, but I like to reply now.
    The resource DropEdit is now blocked in leakforums, so the plugin would not work anymore. I already had the same situation one year ago and I reported the user who leaked my plugin with the link to his profile on leakforums and to the leaked resource. Unfortunately, my report got rejected with the reason: "Spigot is not going to ban leakers". I don't know where my old alert are, but I know that for sure.
    How would you definitively prove that a user have leaked a resource? Are you going to ask the administrators of leakforums if they give you the ip address of the user? You can't simply prove that, so you argumentation does not make sense.

    I never said that the team of spigot should delete leaked resource, from where did you get that?!

    I am talking about other forums, not
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