Premium Resource Pending Approval Deleted?

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  1. I developed a plugin that tested the limits of my programming abilities. I'm by no means an expert in Java, but I've taken mid-level courses at my college and been in the Bukkit/Spigot development scene for about 4 years now, so I'd consider myself experienced. I decided it was worth posting as a premium resource, since it was pretty unique (couldn't find anything remotely similar on Spigot or BukkitDev) and it added a fairly complex feature that PvP server owners would find attractive. I won't go into detail on what it does in order to protect the idea, but the gist of the plugin is to let players track their combat skill. I wrote up the documentation, explaining every single command and permission and exactly how they work (as well as some tips on what kind of things you could create using some of them), and posted it up for a very reasonable $5.

    And then I waited. For about a week. I had read a couple of threads about the approval process, and decided it was worth the wait. I triple-checked the premium resource requirements, and I figured I was good to go. I had almost double the required amount of code (19KB compiled, though the JAR compresses it to 11), and it wasn't a simple, minimal-effort job. In the meantime, I got to work on an update to fix a few minor issues I discovered when running it on my production server. Unfortunately, I could not post the update/change out the uploaded JAR until the resource was approved. So, I checked back a couple of times per day to make sure I could get the update out as quickly as possible.

    Fast forward to today, and I load up the page to discover my resource has been deleted. Without warning, all the work I put into the documentation was destroyed. I didn't get an alert or message letting me know why my plugin didn't make the cut, either - my only notification was for an update of a plugin I'm following.

    As you can tell, I'm pretty upset about how this went down. At this point, I have to completely re-do my documentation, and I have no idea what I have to adjust in my plugin to get it approved.

    Has anyone else had to deal with this? If so, how did you proceed?
  2. Contact one of the Resource Staff team. They should have a backup if i'm not wrong, since it isn't permanently deleted.
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  3. I'll be sure to send them a message, thanks! Hopefully they can also let me know what I need to change.

    Also, apologies about the potential rating alert spam. I'm on mobile at the moment and forgot which rating was helpful/informative, so after a few bad guesses I decided to leave it as a like.
  4. Also be sure to post this in the correct section next time. This section is for help with coding issues and not resource denials.
  5. Trust me, I have a resource pending approval as well. You would have gotten SOME notification that your resource was removed. It can take 3-5 days to have a resource approved, and at that point, if declined, will take another 3-5 days to have it approved again.
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    Always keep a back-up. You knew that there was a possibility of it being rejected. It's not the responsibility of Spigot to keep back-ups for you. Be grateful that they give you the chance to sell premium plugins.

    But just like @ElieTGM said, just contact them with your questions ;).
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  7. I can assure you, I received no notification.

    My alert box is as follows:


    My PM and email inboxes are equally devoid of rejection notifications.

    I was indeed aware that it could be rejected. What is not documented, however, is what happens when the plugin is rejected. I made the reasonable assumption that the resource would be put into a draft state, or at least left in the pending state while changes are made. I did not expect them to delete the entire listing, including documentation made using a WYSIWYG text editor (which requires Word or similar to properly back up, and even then the formatting may not be inter-compatible). Turns out, I was wrong.

    Slight saltiness aside, I will be sending a PM to the resource team when I'm back at my desktop.

    EDIT: Sent.
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