Premium Resource qualification delay?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by BlackBeltPanda, May 14, 2015.

  1. I appear to meet the requirements for posting a premium resource; member for over a week, uploaded one free resource, more than 20 posts. I just recently uploaded a free resource, however. Is there a delay after meeting the requirements before a user is able to post a premium resource?
  2. Takes a while
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  3. Thanks for letting me know =)
    Any generalized time frame? Hours, days?
  4. There might be some delay on this yes, if you meet all requirements then there shouldn't be anything blocking access.
    Best bet is just to sit tight and wait for this delay :)

    [EDIT] posted as i was typing :p
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  5. 1-2 hours max
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  6. Thanks =)
    Just finished a pretty useful plugin for Towny servers and am excited to upload it, but trying to decide if I should stay up and wait until I can or go to bed. It's 5 AM for me and I haven't slept yet. XD
  7. Be aware that premium resources aren't uploaded immediately, they are firstly decompiled by moderators to check for malicious code and there is a slight restriction on the minimum quality of a plugin (I've seen some complaining on this). So that will mean more time will need to pass for the plugin to be uploaded.

    This is in case you don't know and won't have to post a new topic enquiring as to why the plugin didn't appear immediately
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  8. Thanks for letting me know! =D
    Looks like I'm able to upload premium resources now, so I just went ahead and uploaded it. =)
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