Suggestion Premium resource queue indicator.

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  1. Currently nobody knows when his plugin will be accepted, he only can see that one day someone accepted 5 plugins, and another day only 2. And I think this is main cause of many questions about approve time on forum and IRC.

    Maybe it will be possible to add queue indicator next to our plugin?
    Like this:
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  2. First off, people should have patience; alt ho a week is quite long..

    Second of all, if you find the add-on for it; then suggest it; don't go around saying idea's without it being possible; so find a add-on that does this and then we can continue talking.
  3. saphiria


    The staff has always said to post a link to the add-on if you want something added.

    There also should be faster times with two new resource staff?
  4. Z750

    IRC Staff

    I don't agree that this would actually solve any issues, nor do I think it's necessary.
    Also as far as I'm aware, it is not supported by our resource system.
  5. As far as I'm aware the resource staff do the approvals in batches ( @Z750 correct me if I'm wrong ). If that's the case then the position that they are currently in wouldn't matter very much because they could be number one or number ten and still end up getting their resource approved in the same relative time span. It's not a horrible idea but it doesn't seem like it would help anyone very much.
  6. I don't think knowing what place in the queue you are would fix anything. I actually feel like it could make things worse. If one of the resource staff is doing a batch, as @TheLightMC suggested might be the case, then at some point, they need to stop, meaning you could go from 6th to 1st, but stay in first all day because they needed a break, went to work/school, or went to bed. Then, while sitting there in 1st, staring at your screen, pumped, you'll get frustrated that it hasn't happened yet, giving false hope almost.

    I've been waiting about a day and a half for a resource to get approved, and while I would like it to happen sooner than later, I know these things take time, and if I knew I was next in line this whole time, that wouldn't help anything.

    It's an interesting idea, but I think the way it works now is perfectly fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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  7. I think its a good idea.
    I'm trying to post mine now