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  1. If possible I believe that allowing the developers to see how many premium resources that are waiting to be approved in front of them would stop a lot of threads about how long it will be until their premium resource is approved as they will be able to see. For example.

    "Your resource is 102nd in line to be approved" - If that was my plugin I would know that "Hey! I'm 102nd that means i'll be approved in x amount of days!" and will not need to post a thread about it.

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  2. Knowing where your resource is in the queue would be cool but that doesn't mean anything. Resource staff can choose whether they want to approve 100 in a week or only 5.
  3. I partially agree, you can't track days and that would cause more drama.. "IT SAID 5 DAYS AGO AND STILL HASN'T BEEN ACCEPTED" but the place in line would be really cool.

    +1 for that!
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  4. Well it gives you a rough idea and tracking days as @Chazmondo said would cause a lot of drama

    Thank you :)
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  5. I agree, it would give them an idea of when it will be reviewed so the resource staff don't have to be pestered about it.
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    Or just wait the time out patiently?

    What if we moderate (I like how every thread/DM/profile post says accept; like we accept all of them) 100 resources, and you're now in place 1 or 2, we'd get a lot of spam for "it's just one more resource".

    Also, what benefit would this whole thing have? We don't approve the same amount everyday. Then, you'd also need to factor in if a resource breaks ToS/or similar and gets put under moderation, you go from 100 to 102, you'd get annoyed and take it out on us.
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  7. Just a suggestion boss, I thought it would make things easier to be honest.

    - I'm sure you get spammed anyway to be honest lol. I think it would help, even if we take your argument and extend it to the last 10. Then thats 10 people instead of probably hundreds..

    - I also never stated that I was unhappy or that I was waiting for my resource to be accepted (although I am), take all the time you need I accept you guys are volunteers it would just be nice to see where I am in the queue if you know what I mean. So no need to advise me to "wait patiently"
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  8. So whats the deal with this?
  9. Probably won't happen
  10. Yeah you're right it probably wont
  11. It's an interesting suggestion. Had negative and positive aspects tied to it.
  12. Just like everything else ;)
  13. I like the idea and would want this. Although, it won't change anything. Let's say there are 101 resources to be reviewed. They could easily go to the 54th one and say they'll do this one first.
  14. MiniDigger


    this would cause way to much flame.

    imagine you are pos 11, choco decides to review 10, then you are pos 1 but nobody got time to do stuff for a week.
    you would flame the shit out of everyone because you would think that others get reviewed but you don't.

    the current system is just fine.
  15. We considered this at BukkitDev, but decided it would lead to user misinterpretation of what the information meant, which would result in staff wasting time handling complaints over queue handling speed when those staff could be spending that time reviewing items in the queue!
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  16. Thank your for your views it should help with the decision that the staff will make
  17. Legoman99573


    Submit a resource, spam the shit out of @2008Choco and @Gianluca about getting it approved. I see no benefit for this tbh.

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  18. That's the fun part (that ironically, im trying to lower lol)
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    However, as many other users have stated, I see them only receiving more complaints about their placement.

    This is very true. Though I am not a resource staff member, I occasionally check the moderation queue and am able to delete spam or other nonsense, as resources aren't the only "threads" placed into moderation. This could clear away up to 20 spots in the queue, while in reality no resources were reviewed in that time.
  20. Could you not create two queues?