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  1. Hello Spigot members, I have some questions about what happens when a premium resource gets rejected. So, recently I uploaded a premium resource (a remake of ThePit) and it got under approval, I waited for a week and today I saw alert saying: Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Resource Update in 'ThePit - Low effort resource with beginner coding mistakes. Also please do not use other server/brand names to advertise your resource. So my questions are:
    1. Okay, it says it has beginner coding mistakes but it doesn't specify some of them, so I know what to improve, change or fix. Shouldn't there be a more detailed message specifying this?
    2. It took me too long to write the description for the plugin page but now it's totally lost, is there any way I can recover it? (I had saved it as a draft but I can't find it).
    3. Here it says that it is possible to appeal this decision by emailing to Spigot but should I just include the new jar file or what? This also comes to my first point: How can I know what beginner coding mistakes I've made if no one has told me what they are?

    Thanks in advance, LagBug​
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  2. Maybe get someone more experienced to have a look over your code and suggest improvements? It isn't the resource managers jobs to tell you what to change/fix although it would be nice

    There might be a way to recover it, but probably unlikely, I always copy it to a txt file before submitting it in case of this.
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    If its a beginner mistake it's most likely something they have noticed without much effort. If they woud point out every mistake you would only fix those, and reupload without checking the rest of your code

    You can email support of spigot to get the description

    See first post I made, just reupload once you made the required changes
  4. Thank you both :)
  5. so I don't know what the standard is, but,
    1. I'm pretty sure they are mentioning statics when not needed, conventions, not very object-oriented, or many listeners which could cause a ton of lag. They might even have been picky about how you store data, or how you access variables. The point is, you gotta try making it as professional and neat as possible for it to be liked.

    2. On some other forums when things are deleted/rejected, they're just hidden and only mods could see it. I would contact md_5 to see if that's true.

    3. I would, with a refactor that is more than enough to be sure it is accepted.
  6. provied that they have clear definition of what is considered as beginner mistakes. Without such clarification, they are asking this developer to shoot in the dark. And this can be used to reject anything. (personally, I think you should not have to be put in the position to justify whether your code contains beginner mistakes or not if objective criteria was not provided. Unless they can assure that such judgement is made by someone with an accredited credential, which allow them to perform such judgement tasks).