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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Huub_Griffin, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I know this isnt the way to do it. And i should be just waiting, but i am already waiting for 9 days now to know if my resource gets approved. I readed on the forums that normally it is 2-4 days, is it possible they forget me? Its like killing me that i have to wait so long.

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  2. MiniDigger


    You have to wait till it's your turn, creating these threads does nothing.
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  3. Its okey, i totally understand. I know they have personal life to etc. But i was just curious if it was possible i was skipped or something? But from your answer i can make up they are system maticly checking the resources?
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  4. Tomorrow I have been waiting for two weeks. Would be so funny if it got denied :)
  5. Yup, i totally feel you
  6. you need also 3 resource and 20 positive ranks and 80 posts
  7. 2008Choco

    Resource Staff

    You can't publish a premium resource in the first place without those requirements. Not really of concern for the OP

    That's it, really. Life just gets in the way. I've got a mid term tomorrow that I'm studying for most of today, and a couple assignments getting slightly piled up. I can't speak for other resource staff, though I'm sure they're also rather busy if it hasn't been checked in a while. We don't skip people. You're in an ordered queue. The oldest posted resource is reviewed first, then the second oldest, etc. There's no way we can skip you unless it's a genuine accident.

    I can confidently tell you that you've not been skipped, however. I, personally, am just extremely busy as of late.
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  8. I totally understand you! Its okey, i was just curious thats all. Take your time, your personal life goes before checking resources! I can wait a little bid longer! Good Luck with your mid term tomorrow!
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  9. Why not have a Premium Resource Premium upgrade and allow Posters to pay to have Premium Resources reviewed faster since it's all about making money anyway?
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  10. Spigot is not a marketplace. We're here for our hobby, and so is resource staff. Us paying to have them do their job faster wouldn't comply with the idea of not being a marketplace. Go to MC-Market if you really want to sell things quickly. My plugin got approved within 24 hours there.
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  11. Good luck you!
  12. And it did! Accidentally said 'Inspired by' in my description. I am so stupid :) Guess I'll see again in another two weeks!
  13. its can takes 2 hours and its can take 2 months
    i waited 3 weeks
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