Premium resources 3 days waiting approval - Help!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by parkasurvival, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hello! I have uploaded a premium resource. I am waiting now more than 3 days for approval, but still nothing☹️! My friend has also premium resources and he said approving can take max 1 day. Thanks for help!
  2. It has most certainly been denied, considering you have < 60 post and all your resource is made of Skript
  3. I've heard theres only one guy doing them and making a thread complaining about it probably won't help you. A bunch of resources get submitted per day so yours is probably still in their queue.
  4. I have more than 60 post but is is a Skript. My friend has also skripts on his account for 1 euro like just a normal parkour skript. I want to sell a advanced survival skript with action bar, titles and score board for €0.50! Thats weird...
  5. Patience; realize that there are other desperate people such as yourself also waiting for their resource to gain approval.
  6. So it can takes more than 3 days?? And its still not removed so if it is not good, than he delete it right?
  7. Mine took around 2 weeks (it wasn't premium tho)
  8. Absolutely, I've submitted a premium resource myself and I wouldn't be surprised if it took around a month to get answered.

    And don't contact md_5 about premium resources, he's not in charge of the premium resources. The resource staff are; but don't bother them either.

    Time will tell.
  9. There is only like 3 people I think who are resource staff, so... like give it a month and then maybe ask.
    EDIT: There could be a couple more IDK for sure, but there is not many.
  10. How about not bothering the resource staff at all? I see several resources get accepted everyday and I'm sure they'll eventually get to yours.
  11. That's pretty much what I was saying. Asking after 3 days doesn't make a lot of sense, asking after a month would make more sense...
  12. ok