Question Premium resources and kitpvp

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by CustomEnchants, May 19, 2016.

  1. Lately i have been seeing more and more KitPvP plugins and i am simply not understanding why they are accepted a few months back i tried to post one and it was denied i'd like a explanation

    Read Me: It appears that your are submitting a premium resource. Please take a moment to read the approval guidelines listed here. In particular we will NOT approve simple plugins, or very common plugins, ESPECIALLY hub / lobby / donor gadgets / perks plugins. If your plugin is small or lacks sufficient description, it will NOT be approved promptly. If you think it really should be approved, use the report button. DO NOT UPLOAD KIT(PVP) PLUGINS, THEY WILL BE REJECTED.
  2. Was that a KitPvP plugin that is protected through grandfather's clause? The "no kit pvp plugin" rule was not existed when premium resource first came out.
  4. This rule has been removed (from what i've heard); and they still haven't removed that warning.

    EDIT: It seems that they accept advanced kitpvp; which has many more features than free ones.