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  1. This is not a place asking for help, this is a place explaining to those who can't seem to figure it out through research or whatever on how to post premium resources onto this site.

    Can't figure out how to post premium resources? Don't know how many posts you have? Want more explanation then what is already on the forums? Then you have come to the right place!

    Step 1:
    Look here:

    How do I see how many posts I have?
    Click on the home page, look to your right, you will see your name, then under it "messages: (a number)"
    That my friends, is how you see how many messages (posts) you have.

    How do I activate the 2 step verification?
    Go to your profile which is in the top right corner of the screen and hover over your name, a little pop up thing will well... pop up. Look down the small pop up and it will say Two-Step Verification directly above the Log Out button.

    How many free resources do I need to post?
    2 free resources, and to convince staff you deserve to be able to publish prem resources, it may be a good idea to update them every now and then!

    How old does my account have to be?
    6 week old account

    How many posts do I have to have?

    One Last thing!:
    If you go off and say... post on a tun of threads or forums or plugins just saying stupid shit like for example... lkghaglalgha;lghalghaghgl;haghalghal;ghalghlaghghgl;hg;l .... or .... hihihihihihi or dun dun dun dun .... etc.

    Then your post/messages will be reset! :O so guess what that means guys?
    Dont post a tun of stupid crap please unless you want to redo your "hard work".
    re-read 1: (above)

    Just for clarification read the following List of Requirements!:
    List of Requirements:
    • 6 week old account
    • 50 posts
    • 2 free resources
    • Two-step verification enabled with saved backup codes.

    Just for clarification to those people who are wondering why I made this... I myself been wondering some of these things but thanks to steps such as this old and foreign thing known as... research, I have managed to figure these things out! So I figured I would waste my time attempting to help others out even though they most likely wont research this up or anything... but hey its worth a shot :p and for those that think I am being an ass in this... excuse my slight humor and sarcasm in this please and thank you!

    Have a nice day and thanks for taking the time to read this!
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  2. Not very detailed, to be completely honest.
  3. really? I figured it would have been plenty enough xD
  4. Your "how to" for two factor doesn't even really help.
  5. Well I attempted I guess
  6. I personally think when people are unable to use the search function and can't even post a few quality posts and enable 2-step verification by themselves. They shouldn't post premium resources,
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  7. Agreed lol
  8. Use this option next time ;)
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  9. This thread is the best thing since the wheel... :D :D :D :D
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