Solved Premium ressource approval process accelerate?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by WerWideolf, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hello guys,
    some days ago I uploaded a new premium ressource on spigot. But it is still awaiting approval, so my question is, is it normal that this process takes some days or did I anything wrong?
  2. joshwenke

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    There are countless threads about this.

    The team has a lot of resources to approve. Let them take their time. The Spigot resource section is no BukkitDev. They'll get to it, and if they don't, email [email protected].
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  3. Tank you very much :D
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  4. Seriously use fu*king google next time.
    Sorry if I am rude but there are literally 100+ threads on this.
    Mark as solved? :)
  5. The question is why we don't seek for more people to approve premium resources, giving an author the approximate time of approval, or setting up a rule that if you ask, you get banned?

    Please don't make people post annoying threads like this by make the process better or enforce something.
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    I agree, the process isn't convenient or speedy. As both myself and md_5 have recommended, if you really want to sell plugins and have full customization of the store and website, no approval time, no 1-star ratings from idiots, etc., you need to host it on your own site and not Spigot. Spigot's resource system just hasn't been perfected yet, and while the administration wants a great experience, the resource section is just not a top priority right now. (Search for countless threads with great intentions that have been denied.)

    None of this is bad, it's just the way things are and it doesn't look like the administration is going to invest any time into making any changes to the resource section. I would love to see a SpigotDev thing, but that itself is still far away and has never come together as a coherent project.

    The one thing I am disappointed about is that I would like to see more resource staff. However, the solution to quicker approvals is NOT just adding new resource staff to cope with the demand, as they need to be highly skilled and trained, not to mention picked well from the hundreds of applicants.
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  7. It can take a lot of time, I waited 2 weeks until it was rejected for copyright (for no reason but yeah)
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