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  1. i'm trying to put a plugin on spigot but i'm not sure if i have the set requirements to do so, can someone help pls
  2. Sync in ??

    Well, it takes some time after you meet the requirements to post a premium resource
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  3. okey, that's all i wanted to know. Thanks :)
  4. Where I can create a Premium Plugin?
  5. Click resources at the top and click Add Resource or Post Resource or something if you don't see the button that means your account doesn't meet the requirements.
  6. I see the Button but I cant click it, but I have over 40 Post and 1 Free Resource + 1 Week old Account?
  7. Maximvdw


    You need 2 resources
  8. Okey thanks!
  9. Now I have 2 but I still cant click it :/
  10. Maximvdw


    It takes around a week/few days before it applies. Its a cron job
  11. Okey Thank you for all :)!
  12. What is meant by 20 posts? 20 posts like threads or what?
  13. Dude, this thread is more than 1 year old. Just check the current requirements, because this thread is completely irrelevant now.
    And yes, this counts as a post.