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Provide server documentation in style!

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    PremiumHelp - Provide server documentation in style!

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  2. I've PMed you my discord, and yes, it should work with any version of Essentials.
  3. Should've had @Vouchs release this...
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  4. Had to pick a tagline to release all of my plugins with and I knew deluxe was taken but I didn't know someone was already using "Premium".

    Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Yeah, lol.
  6. I don't want the MainMenu item to do anything , so i didn't add item in "Sections" , then when player click it will get error
  7. Can you please show me your config? If you have a help section, it must have at least one item. If you don't want a menu to have items, it should look like this:

    Code (Text):
        title: "Help &l»&r General Help"
        Items: []
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  9. Yep, looks like I advertised being able to do that but forgot to include it. My bad, the latest version (1.0.4) will fix this.
  10. The problem is solved :)(y)
  11. I thought I could add a custom slot. xdd