Premiums and No-Premiums see different Skins

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  1. I have cracked servers. Premiums can see Player's Skin of others and itself, but No-Premium only see TLauncher Skins and others who have too, include if I use the same method that I used on Premiums.

    Here is the method what I use on LoginEvent:
    PendingConnection pendingConnection = event.getConnection();

    Class<?> initialHandlerClass = pendingConnection.getClass();
    Field loginProfile = initialHandlerClass.getDeclaredField("loginProfile");

    String skin = "";
    String signature = "";

    switch (new Random().nextInt(3))
    case 0:
    skin =//code of texture;
    signature =//code of signature;

    case 1:
    skin =//code of texture;
    signature =//code of signature;

    case 2:
    skin =//code of texture;
    signature =//code of signature;

    LoginResult.Property property = new LoginResult.Property("textures", skin, signature);
    LoginResult loginResult = new LoginResult(pendingConnection.getUniqueId().toString(), pendingConnection.getName(), new LoginResult.Property[] {property});

    loginProfile.set(pendingConnection, loginResult);

    I modified a little bit. For example, when Nickname is not registered at Mojang, I try tu put default Skins (Steve and Alex), but on TLauncher has others skins (a Miner and a Hacker texture, as Alex and Steve). They see those skins, while Premium see default Skins (Alex and Steve) on them if the condition above are.

    How can I do posible to cancel No-Premium or player using TLauncher, not see TLauncher's Skins? I though on sending packets, but before I tried and I investigated that it doesn't work on BungeeCoord servers, if it is cracked.
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