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    That might be possible, the server should restart itself tonight, if it still occurs tomorrow I will get back to you on the issue.
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    Weird, because if I use /dynmap hide it works lol
  3. I don't understand that then, you can put '[P]dynmap hide' into the VanishCommands and '[P]dynmap show' into the ReappearCommands tho. You can also combine that with permission commands.
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    I'll try that instead, it's not to big of an issue, just wanted to inform you about it. :)
  5. Hi Sir Dev, we have a problem. When we want to get out off vanish using the "/pv" command, the action-bar stays in the screen and there is no message in chat. This error report shows up in the console:
  6. You are probably using PaperSpigot and a version of ProtocolLib that doesn't support PaperSpigot.
    Please either switch to normal Spigot or use a version of ProtocolLib that supports PaperSpigot.
    Not sure if that's a relevant error, there's a better error message in v1.6.3 though.
  7. With this update do we have to redo our config file again? So far every update the config has to be configured again as it wont merge/update, same counts for the messages.
    As I have each message changed to get in line with my other server messages (mainly uSkyblock) it's a hassle to compare and redo them everytime.
  8. You have to update it if you use 1.5.x because of the config revamp, if you already use 1.6.x you dont have to recreate it.
    Merging is a really difficult thing to implement especially if the path of every single setting changes.
  9. @MyzelYam

    It's maybe difficult to implement but it is possible, we do it at our plugin (uSkyblock) and have an option added to even skip sections from merging. This makes it very user friendly for when server owners have added their own challenges and/or custom islands.
    Difficult maybe, Possible for sure
  10. Does your config keep comments, too? If so, I'm open for suggestions, if not it's a different story because it's not possible to do with the BukkitAPI then.
  11. Thank you for the quick reply. We will fix this on our side :)
  12. I've just tested this with our plugin (uSkyblock), new setup with old version and then updated it to a much later version and all comments are still there.
    I'll have to contact our main developer and ask if he can give you the info needed to add this to your plugin.
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  13. Take a look at this module:

    It has been made, so it should be possible to use it in other plugins.

    I recommend shading it in (as we do in uSkyBlock).
    What you are interested in, is probably:
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  14. Ah thanks! Just wanted to know if I missed an obvious and easy way to do it, but there really is none.
    I could either spend lots of time into my own system now or spend the same time into implementing new features.
    I really think it's better for me to add more features, especially because I'll stop adding too many new features soon™ anyway because this plugin is already overkill for a vanish plugin.
    I won't just paste your code into my plugin because of copyright risks and because everything in premiumvanish is my code except the database pool and I would like it to stay that way, thank you anyway though.
  15. @MyzelYam

    As you already said, adding more features might make your plugin bloated and overkill.
    Instead of having more (visual) features I rather have an automatic merge/update (which is a feature too) of the config/messages which will make it easier for your "clients" to update then going through it on every update.
    For each update I have to open 2 files and compare each line, not only for the config but also for the messages. This makes it a time consuming job which many other server owners will not like and therefore abandon the plugin.
    Having the ease of updating and only having to adjust the new added lines makes a plugin worth more in my opinion.

    As for your concerns of copyrights, I don't think R4zorax would have posted the links if they were copyrighted code as he's a very conscientious developer.

    I'm not sure how many other server owners that use your plugin would agree with this, but we might be able to see that at the amount of Agree's are clicked.

    Don't get me wrong, it's still a great plugin and way better then VNP and I will keep using it as long I run a server.
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  16. The thing is that you don't have to recreate it, you can just change the version at the bottom and add whatever you need.
    I added /pv recreatecfg so you can recreate the whole config every now and then and have an up-to-date version of it.
    Most updates don't only add new options but also change comments to make things clearer and change the name of existing features, merging is still no complete solution and it's too much of a hassle compared to the outcome. Again, you don't have to recreate it, it's simply either recommended or necessary for updates which are as big as v1.6.0 where every single setting was affected (and where even merging doesn't help anymore). If you don't want to see the "please recreate your config" message you can set it to "" in the messages.yml file or change the version of the config, once again.
    You don't have to do anything, it's simply recommended. Also, it's not every update, it's only the updates which actually change fair bits of the config, like v1.6.0.
    However, I can add a dismiss feature to the config recreation system and change the message of it to something like "It's recommended to recreate the config if you'd like to make use of the new features".
    I can also separate recreating the messages file and recreating the config file and add defaults for new messages. All these things would still be so much easier and less prone to errors than a merging system which would probably still not be good enough for huge updates.
    The thing is that I won't need that merging/update system anymore when I'm done with these update waves, it's all just a temporary problem. If I want to add one or two more options later on which aren't too relevant to most of the users I can simply tell the people who requested them that they can add them to the config file manually if they need them, new customers already have them anyway.

    All the recreation system does is make people look into the new features of PremiumVanish every now and then, it's no 'must', it's just a recommendation. Apart from that, merging or similar systems don't even make sense sometimes, because people should look at everything every now and then anyway so they have an overview of all the features which is actually important because some new features open up lots of new combinations of settings with various outcomes. Of course a perfect update system would be better for people who don't want to get that overview or who want to be able to choose if they want to have it, but such a system is definitly not worth my time and not having it is not too bad if you look at what I said above.
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  17. MyzelYam updated PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+ Bungee support] with a new update entry:

    [1.6.4] Improved /pv recreatecfg, chat message improvements & bug fixes

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  18. Do you think it'd be possible to allow the toggling of the RestrictiveOptions via a command?

    e.g /pv blockbreaking, /pv blockplacing

    Also not sure if this is possible but it'd be nice if other Bungeecord plugins would see you as vanished for other players too. Currently with BungeeMSG players can /msg then tab and see players vanished with this plugin.
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