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  1. i have new server ip , so i want to reset my old infomation that i used to access PV , how can i do that ??
  2. Found a few bugs.

    First off when you try and do /pv list whatever color code I set it into the messages.yml it works for "None" but it goes white as &f when some r online.

    Next. For TPS and Ping r staying dark green (&2) when I changed the colors for the scoreboard.

    Another bug is when I do /pv help a lot of the hover messages have \n in a lot of sentences.
  3. They should be supported, you might get certificate errors though if you dont have a valid ssl certificate for your database server.
    Your server ip doesn't matter, just use it on the new server.
    /pv list is still using the legacy command format and therefore not as customizable as /pv help as of right now. Might be something I could change in the future though.
    The color of the ping depends on the ping itself, good ping is green, normal ping is yellow and bad ping is red.
    Seems like on certain devices it doesn't replace \n with an actual newline character. I don't know why this is happening but it's fixed in the next update.
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    You seemed to have broken API backwards compatibility with this release. Is that intentional?
  5. I see, we keep seeing this error in our consoles from it
  6. Yes, you can try using the CustomURI option as explained in the comments of the config.
  7. Do you do sales?
  8. Yeah there will probably be a christmas sale.
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  10. If I am using this with Bungee.MySQL support does the pv.use / pv.see level system not work?
    I had it working fine with SuperVanish. but upgraded to PremiumVanish for Bungee/MySQL support, and changed the permissions from sv.see.levelX to pv.see.levelX and same for pv.use

    Also, I'm running 2.0.0 (I know I need to update)
    But was wondering if you fixed the %time placeholder in a newer version, or if not, now you know about it.
  11. Hello @MyzelYam !

    I was just wondering, is the
    suppose to also prevent players from seeing vanished players via Essentials /seen? Currently it will tell players "offline since now".

  12. It does work, however layered permissions dont apply for bungeecord permissions (seeing players in /glist etc), the normal pv.see permission applies there instead.
    Please make sure that layered permissions are turned on in the config. If it doesn't work, please explain what exactly is not working as intended.
    The general placeholder format is different in PV2.0.0, you are missing a % character at the end of your time placeholder.
    Yeah Essentials's support for vanish plugins in /seen is very broken. I hope they'll improve it one day. For now you can work around this using the new CustomCommandMessages section in the config.
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    If I click on it in the chat it just says ''run''

    ChatMessageDenied: '&c[PV] Je kunt geen bericht sturen in vanish! %special{&e[Word zichtbaar!]|/pv off|run}%'
  14. You forgot the hover text:
    %special{&e[Word zichtbaar!]|&aTurn off vanish|/pv off|run}%
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