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  1. Ah it's because 1.16.2 isn't supported yet and because there was legacy code that stopped it from working on unsupported versions. Both should be fixed in the next update.
    Do you mean the invisibility potion effect? PremiumVanish doesn't use that effect in any of its features.
    Since PlaceholderAPI placeholders should be supported, you can use PV's playercount placeholders: %premiumvanish_playercount%, %premiumvanish_bungeeplayercount%, %[email protected]<server>%
  2. MyzelYam updated PremiumVanish - Stay hidden [+Bungee support] with a new update entry:

    [2.5.19] 1.16.2 update, invisibility improvements and bug fixes

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  3. The vanish boss bar doesn't go away when you come out of vanish.
  4. Boss bar? PremiumVanish doesn't use boss bars (at the top of the screen), so that has to come from another plugin.
  5. Hi! Will this plugin hide the "Player joined the game" from essentialsX when entering a different server? (Bungee)
  6. Yes, the standard EssentialsX join/quit messages that are sent on server join/quit will not be sent when you are in vanish. Though I'm assuming that they haven't added some kind of cross-server support that I'm unaware of.
  7. I am getting the standard server join and leave messages. I do use essentialsx, so I thought those would be blocked. Where else can I look to turn those off?
  8. Did EssentialsX recently change something in this regard? You can try increasing or decreasing PV's PlayerJoin/QuitEventPriorities in the config file. I suggest trying the "LOWEST" and "HIGHEST" setting individually.
  9. That did not do anything. I think maybe I have another plugin also announcing. I will have to dig deep.
  10. Amm, why every time im disabling Vanish, the invisibility effect is still going, do i have to change something from Essentials?
  11. Perhaps Essentials' vanish is turned on accidentally (for example with its silent join or /ev)? PV doesn't use invisibility potion effects.
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  12. @MyzelYam does re-creating the files delete your previous settings or does it only add the new configuration features?
  13. It does delete your previous settings. If you only need one or two new features and your config file isn't ancient then you can also just copy and paste the new features from the default config file on the resource page (make sure the indentation is right).
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  14. Does anyone know how to fix the ability to tab people's names that are in /v?
  15. Hello,

    I find some errors running premium vanish through 1.16.3 (Paper) !
    Seems the plugin isn't really full compatible with this last version.
    The player just un-vanished still invisible / the player just vanished still visible ... We encountered this kind of buggy behaviors.

    There is an error raised when one of my staff do /v :
    Pastebin error

    Hope that could be helpful you to fix it ;)
  16. The placeholder {[email protected]} is not working for me, i have PAPI and Mvdw plugins installed, and is not working for me
  17. Are you using PV with bungeecord? If so please make sure that PV is installed on the bungee with a database as well.
    Please make sure that you are using the latest ProtocolLib dev-build. I just tested it with latest spigot, latest protocollib and latest PV and there were no such errors.
    The placeholders in curly brackets only work inside of MVdW plugins (AnimatedNames, Featherboard, ...) and only if MVdWPlaceholderAPI is installed. I haven't tested it before but I think MVdW plugins support PlaceholderAPI too so using the same placeholder with the %% syntax could just work in your case since you have PAPI installed: %[email protected]%
    Please also note that the server-specific bungee playercount placeholders don't work for the first player who joins a server after its startup due to technical limitations.
  18. I am not using it on bungeecord. So if I install it on the bungee it will hide the players is that correct? (I am using it on each individual server currently.)
  19. Amm, non of them are working for me, the %% syntax and the {} syntax (im trng to set the Lobby FeatherBoard )
  20. Yes, PV needs to be installed on bungee for vanished players to be hidden in any kind of tab completion. Without the bungee expansion PV doesn't have any control over tab-completions from bungee plugins.
    Do you have MVdWPlaceholderAPI installed? Is {premiumvanish_playercount} working? An up-to-date version of PV needs to be installed on the bungeecord itself with enabled database integration.