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  1. Hi. When using /v and double sneak to set into spectator and then back to survival mode takes away fly and our players are dropping to the ground. This is a problem because because a staff member can end up falling to their death and losing all their items. We cant seem to find any setting in the Config file to correct this.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Go into Vanish
    Hover anywhere above ground
    Switch Gamemode back to Survival
  2. Hello,

    Is it possible to make PV recognize permission changes on the fly? More specifically, I would like to prevent staff members in a minigame from being able to see vanished fellow staff members, but the only way I know how to re-calculate who that player can see is for the vanished players to re-vanish, or for the player to relog. Is what I'm doing possible?

  3. Yes, you can use /networkvanish (pv.networkvanish bungee permission) as a toggle for auto-vanishing on network join.
    If SurvivalFriendlyFeatures->Fly->Enable is set to true then fly should automatically be turned on when switching to survival/adventure. It doesn't however enable flight straight away - which I'll fix in the next update. Is that what you meant?
    Well, the /pv setlevel command recalculates permissions straight away, but making PV recheck a player's permissions all the time would be too heavy on the performance because of the hundreds of possible layered permission levels. I would simply not allow vanish to be used inside of the minigame, or is there a reason why they should still be vanished in the minigame?
  4. Could there be an addition to the API that allows setting the vanish level for players (and refreshes)?

    EDIT: It would be even better if I could control exactly who could see which player in the API; the leveling system would work, but my staff wouldn't be able to see spectators if they teleported to them (not in the game programmatically, but near the arena). That's probably not an easy addition though
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  5. If SurvivalFriendlyFeatures->Fly->Enable is set to true then fly should automatically be turned on when switching to survival/adventure. It doesn't however enable flight straight away - which I'll fix in the next update. Is that what you meant?

    Hi MyzelYam. Thanks for your reply. I just realized we have flight disabled in the main Server config but we are running luck perms. Ill check with our admins whose managing our server though and inform them that you released an update.

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  6. Is it possible to view the players hotbar and armor/ hand and offhand slots? if yes how would i enable this option?
  7. Well I could add options like that to the API, but I think it's not a good idea to give other plugins that much control over how PV works. PV isn't intended to be used as a vanishing engine for other plugins, the API is only meant to be used for adding support for PV inside of other plugins.
    If I grant other plugins the ability to set vanish levels or visibility directly then that would directly interfere with all other existing and upcoming PV features that need to control invisibility directly, which would result in a big mess, no matter how it's implemented. In case of minigames with spectators I recommend force-disabling vanish for anyone who joins the arena and taking care of invisibility yourself, e.g. using the hidePlayer mechanism or spectator mode, which should be sufficient for that purpose. Though I'm generally open for API feature suggestions, if I'm missing something then please let me know!
  8. If you are talking about the view inventory on right-click feature, that just shows you the inventory and (I believe) hotbar, yes. For a more comprehensive inventory-viewing solution which includes armour etc I recommend using a separate plugin, e.g. CMI, InvSee++, etc.
  9. Hello! Wonderful plugin! Works for so many instances. Extremely frequent, bug-free updates. No hidden fees, like subscription services or ads. Blocks view on many sites that track online players. Tons of features that are lightweight and well documented in the config. It can fit any servers moderation needs, whether you have separate admin only accounts or use one account for players and admins.

    Achievements are a bit of a bummer though. I'm not sure if I've configured it wrong or if it's currently not a feature but it would help immensely, because not only do players know you're online, but they will be alerted if they're in the end to the fact that they're being watched.
  10. Hey, thanks! Unfortunately achievements cannot be controlled by plugins directly with the current state of the Spigot API, so the only way to disable them is to turn them off in or to prevent the message itself from being sent to the players with packet interception. I might do the latter in a future update, if I find a way to do it reliably and in a stable manner.
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  11. Does this work with groupmanager?
  12. Hey, Was wondering with premium vanish, It doesnt really help showing "Player has joined/left the network" bungee message since joining and leaving while vanish doesnt really work if it broadcasts bungee join and leave messages. anyway to fix?
  13. Generally it works with GroupManager but the AutoVanishOnJoin feature won't work because of the way GroupManager handles permissions on login. If you're using bungee you can still use the /networkvanish feature which automatically enables vanish on bungee join though.
    Bungee-wide join/quit messages aren't standard bungeecord behavior and are in full control of the plugin which implements them. So that plugin would have to add support for PremiumVanish using its BungeeAPI for there to be support.
  14. Hi, I've used your plugin for a while now and recently players have found that if you type /bal and then part of a users name you can see if they are on or not. I was just wondering if anyone had a solution to this.
  15. Hi can u add me? I have question on pw but i dont have permission

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  16. Sent PM no response

    [PremiumVanish] Unknown exception occurred!
    [PremiumVanish] Please report this issue!
    [PremiumVanish] No suitable constructor could be found.

    i tried to research this the best i could but here is what i have done either /sv or /pv



    These are the files in question, no matter what combo i use (see paste bin) once the server boots i am not able to login it crashes,
  17. Does that command only work for online players or how does it expose vanished players? You can use the CustomCommandMessages section of your bukkit servers' PV config to fake "Player not found" messages:
    Code (Text):
        '/bal <vanished>': "&cPlayer not found"
    I've sent you a message. I think the reason why it doesn't work work is that Spigot has raised the requirements for new accounts or accounts with few messages to send private messages to anyone. Can anyone confirm this?
    I recommend anyone who doesn't need to reveal sensitive information to get their issue resolved to simply post it here so you don't have to wait for me to send the PM to ask the question.
    Please understand that I can't always respond within a day, it usually takes a few days.

    The error is caused inside of ProtocolLib, please report it there or wait for it to be fixed.
    There has to be something special about your server setup though since I've just tested the latest PV with the latest ProtocolLib dev build and the latest 1.16.4 Spigot/latest Paper (paper 318) and there were no such errors. Maybe it has already been fixed and you just need to update.

    If PV is broken by this then you can set PlayerHider to Prevention in PV's config which should make it work regardless of whether ProtocolLib is working. Some settings that rely on ProtocolLib like SilentOpenChest would also have to be disabled to silence the error message. That's not supposed to be required though, usually ProtocolLib works fine.

    I should also mention that PV is not intended to be used together with SV since it's supposed to be a replacement and you may run into issues in the future if you have both installed. I don't see why you'd want to have SV installed anyway when you have PV's layered permissions feature.
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