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  1. Yes i did get the PM, and yes i know dont run /sv and /pv together i tried it one and the other same result, i will post in LIB and see what comes of it also i tried it with java 1.8, 1.11 and 1.15 same error, PC is win7 64 also just a FYI, no personal info in paste this is my test server way far away from my main
  2. The problem with having both SV and PV installed is that other plugins can only hook into one of the plugins since both share the same API but if there are no problems it's fine I guess. I used Java version "1.8.0_162" when testing.
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    [2.6.0] New feature: show in tab flag

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  4. You should create a Support Discord server :D
  5. Im trying to use the BungeeCord placeholders, and im not having a good result, im getting the placeholder itself, what can i be doing wrong?
  6. Hi this is probs a bug within your software but after I disabled this feature in the config.yml in 1.15.2 and updated it to 1.16.4 its somehow got enabled and carried on as normal tell me to update the files in the config due to it was the wrong settings but I do not want to update it as I have a custom join and leave message that I can't be asked to redo everytime this feature tells me to update it.

    in the config I added the # symbol in front of the update message to disable it as it's annoying.

    but in 1.16.4 it somehow ignores the # symbol and carries on as normal.

    please fix thx

  7. Are you using Featherboard? If so, have you installed MVdWPlaceholderAPI?
    If not, you need to install PlaceholderAPI and use %premiumvanish_<placeholder>%. The cross-server placeholders require PV to be installed on the bungee with enabled and working database support.
    Uncommenting messages doesn't turn them off, but instead makes PV use the default message instead. Simply set it to an empty string like this: ""
    However, if you haven't updated the messages.yml file in a long time I recommend you do so, you can simply create a copy of the old file and copy/paste in the old messages where needed.

    Edit: I also just noticed that I've made a mistake in the update process and the config versioning system in the last update doesn't work properly. Will be fixed in the next update.
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  8. I do that instead on using the # as I didn't know that didn't work, when I first did it, it worked but now no idea lol.

    It not that long since I updated it, It happens everytime you release a new version and I go and update it to that version so no errors pop up on my console. every few restarts to will display the message saying I need to update the format as it using a weird format.

    this is my lines of code that I added.

    Code (Text):

    VanishMessage: '&d[&5-&d]&5%p% &6has left the server'
    ReappearMessage: '&5[&d+&5]&d%p% &6has joined the server'

    Code (Text):

    #RecreationRequiredMsg: '&c[PV] Your PremiumVanish-files are not up to date, you can use &e/pv recreatefiles&c to recreate them
    #or click %special{&6here|&6Click here to dismiss this message!|/pv recreatefiles dismiss|run}% &cto dismiss this message.
    #Recreating PremiumVanish''s files is optional and gives you access to newer config settings and messages of the plugin.'
    everytime I do /pv update it will wipe all of this with a fresh copy of the original configuration.

    it will show up everytime I restart my server to reload a couple plugins since /reload breaks alot of the plugins I use even the ones I custom made.
  9. There was a mistake in the last update that probably caused the config to always be out of date. It should be fixed now with the last release.
    This is what I meant when talking about disabling messages:
    Code (Text):
      RecreatedConfig: '&aSuccessfully recreated %updates%! Please check %changes%.'
      NoConfigUpdateAvailable: '&eYour PremiumVanish-files are up to date!'
      RecreationRequiredMsg: ''
      DismissedRecreationWarning: '&eYou are no longer receiving notifications about this recreation.'
      UndismissedRecreationWarning: '&eYou are now receiving notifications about this recreation.'
  10. I have an issue where mobs like wolves, cats, etc. look at me when I'm in vanish and gives away my position to other players.
  11. Hey there
    I want my users to accept privacy policy and rules on first join. As your plugin blocks packets I thought it might be possible to use your api to hide players from the server (so no data is stored) until they accept.
    Now I wonder: will the firstjoinpacket be sent when the vanish is disabled? Or will the player never be registered for first join then?
  12. Hello, We are trying to get this to work with the plugin "Holographic Displays" We have setup the MYSQL database, When i type /papi parse me %[email protected]% It gives me the correct player count in the chat, but when we make a holographic display, it shows up null like pictured below.

    Also im trying to assign premiumvanish perms through bungee luck perms, and players are unable to use the vanish, even though they have the correct permissions, and have the group assigned to them. (Yes we have MYSQL setup)

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  13. Unfortunately this is controlled by the server itself and there is no API for me to change the default behavior. However, you can use the double-shift feature to switch to spectator mode. Mobs don't interact with you if you are in spectator mode (vanilla Minecraft behavior).
    Thanks for the info, I'll add a DiscordSRV hook in the next update. Please tell me if there are any issues with it.
    PV isn't really intended to be used like that. PV prevents information of vanished players from being sent to other players - it doesn't prevent it from being sent to the server itself. Theoretically you could give new players permission to auto-vanish on join and then remove those permissions and unvanish them when they accept (if your accept privacy policy plugin allows you to execute commands when they accept). That would mean they're not visible on join until they accept (an exception can be made for admins, depending on how you configure PV). But it can't prevent Spigot from creating an entry in the world's playerdata and logging the player's IP address and UUID in the server logs.

    Not sure what you mean with "firstjoinpacket". There is a PlayerJoinEvent for plugins to use and then they can check whether the player has logged in before using player#hasPlayedBefore. PV doesn't change anything there in order to not break other plugins.
    If it works in PAPI parse then the placeholder itself is working. I don't know how PlaceholderAPI support works in Holographic Displays but I found a plugin that may be useful:
    PremiumVanish is mostly spigot sided, which means PV must be installed on Spigot and you need the right spigot permissions to be hidden and use /pv. Bungeecord permissions are required additionally if you want to be hidden in /glist, etc. and use /networkvanish.
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    [2.6.2] DiscordSRV hook

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  15. Hello, could velocity support be added?
  16. It currently isn't planned since it would be a lot of work, but I may add support for it in the future.
  17. [11:20:33] [Server thread/WARN]: [ProtocolLib] Loaded class de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.features.SilentOpenChest$2 from PremiumVanish v2.6.2 which is not a depend, softdepend or loadbefore of this plugin.
  18. In my Hub I log in vanished, but its controlled by another plugin. I dont have essentials or any other vanish plugin in the hub files. Any idea how I can make premium vanish force itself to be the vanish plugin that puts me in vanish straight away? On my survival server it works as it should.