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  1. Any possibility of making a hook for BungeeTabListPlus in the near future? :D

    I have this issue where vanished players will be removed from the tab list, but their face images/spectator status will apply to the player above them in the tab list, if that makes sense
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  2. Yes, it has all of SuperVanish's features as well.
    Hey, yes it does prevent mobs from attacking. Currently it only stops mobs from attacking when they aren't already attacking the player, but I'll fix that in an update today so hostile mobs will actually stop in front of players when they vanish.
    What I still can't fix however is that mobs like sheep may look towards vanished players. There currently is no Spigot API that lets us change mob behavior like that directly so the only way to prevent that is spectator mode for now (you can change to and from spectator mode conveniently by pressing shift twice with the permission pv.switch).
    It's definitely possible to get BungeeTabListPlus to work with PV, but it requires some configuration. I'm not 100% sure but I think you have to disable MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators in PV's config. BTLP should have a feature that hides vanished players if you don't have the permission bungeetablistplus.seevanished. BTLP's bukkit bridge must be installed.
    You can use BTLP's custom placeholders feature to get prefixes for vanished players. You can create a custom placeholder and make it display a prefix like [V] using a condition that depends on whether the PlaceholderAPI placeholder %premiumvanish_isvanished% returns Yes or No (requires PlaceholderAPI on bukkit). It's a little bit tricky though.
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  3. Chest interaction

    When you try to open a chest in Survivalmode and Vanish, the inventory becomes invisible and you get the speed effect as if you were running. If you go out of Vanish and open the chest again, the problem does not occur.

    Have a nice day so far

    (Happens in newest paper version too, testet with less plugins)
  4. Wasn't able to find anything in BTLP's config for hiding vanished players. It does do this successfully, only issue is if I vanish my avatar will replace the avatar of the player above me in the tab list, making it easy for players to tell that I'm vanished because TheLoneWolf27 now has my Luigi face lol. The bridge is installed on every server, I can live without knowing which staff is vanished in the tab list if the solution somehow breaks that.

    This bug has been a thing since we installed BTLP and my player base is starting to figure out why their avatars keep changing lol. I know it's not PV because when I test it without btlp my avatar will disappear in tab like it's suppose to

    Basically what I’m saying is, it works but it’s buggy. Using the latest version of both plug-ins
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  5. And essentials plugin won't interfere with this plugin?
  6. Hey MyzelYam,

    I purchased your plugin PremiumVanish today PayPal email: [email protected] and cant seem to get the pv.joinvanished permission to work on my minecraft network, I currently have the plugin setup in Bungee(Waterfall)+Bukkit(Paper) mode, does the perm not work in that mode or am i missing something, I'm Using Luckperms as my permission manager also setup in the same kind of way with a database, All plugins are updated to latest versions

    Any Help Is Appreciated, Via PM if you can
    Best Regards
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  8. That's a side effect of the SilentOpenChest feature (which you can turn off in the config). I'm waiting for a ProtocolLib fix to be able to hide this effect again like in the previous PV versions.
    Did you try turning off MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators? You can also try uncommenting the PlayerInfo module in the list of DisabledInvisibilityModules. Those features could interfere with BTLP. Other than that you can try different BTLP configurations, since I remember that some tablist modes like the Dynamic Size Tab List work quite differently and might not have that bug.
    Most Essentials commands have good support for vanish plugins like SV or PV. If it works with SV it should also work with PV.
    Sent you a PM
    Danke für den Hinweis. Dieses Problem sollte im nächsten Update behoben sein.
    This should be fixed in the next update.
  9. Hey, i think it would be great to had other language to you'r plugin, i personaly have done the french if you want ^^
  10. Hey there, Little question is it possible to just upgrade from SuperVanish to PremiumVanish or do i have to do all the perms and configs again?
  11. Will there be Velocity support?
  12. anyway to change time shown in scoreboard? it shows GMT when im in EST.
  13. Since some permissions have changed and many new ones have been added you should redo them. The config is very different as well and definitely worth reading to avoid unexpected behavior.
    No plans for now, since it's a lot of work. Might add suport in the future though.
    I don't think there's a way to change it in PV's config. It's dependent on the server's time, so you would have to change that. Other than changing the server's time you can also use a -Duser.timezone <timezone> startup parameter in your server's java -jar ... startup script. I can't really help with that though.
    According to TAB's author it does have support for PremiumVanish, but I can't comment on how well or how it works. Perhaps some configuration is required first. Are you using TAB on bungee or bukkit? Is PV set-up on the bungee (if you're using bungee)?
  14. CMI not reappear correctly
  15. Hey there,

    the option DontSendAdminAnnouncements does not work as it should be. Its turned to false and there is no announcement for the op's or mods with permissions.

    Lg Stakis
  16. Can you add the function to disappear from /glist in the bungeecord version.