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  1. hi @MyzelYam, unfortunately can't send DM to you

    We are having some issues with PremiumVanish (current version 2.7.1) on our server since updating to 1.17 (from 1.16.5, current version 1.17.1)
    Github issue:

    - people with PV perm are not visible in "online players" in server selection and tab list even if they are not vanished (no workaround)
    - people with PV perm do not send a "join the game" "left the game" message when NOT vanished, only when turning on PV while in-game (no workaround)
    - people with PV perm remain visible in tablist after turning on PV, they have to leave and join the game to be removed from the tablist (inconvenient workaround)

    We also use TAB-BukkitBridge, but for 1.16.5 we did not have any issues and did not change our Config settings in-between version changes except that previously we had to leave the "disable push" config alone (keep on false) or people could not join the game. When generating a new config file and inputting the values we used in 1.16.5 nothing changed.

    Current setup:
    Survival - papermc 1.17.1 build 119
    Creative - papermc 1.17.1 build 119
    Proxy - waterfall (bungeecord fork) build 448


    There are no errors in the console.

    Thanks taking your time to read this and help us out! :)
  2. It would be cool to add a networking notification per servers so when the vanished status of one player is changed on a server, it can be utilized on another server actively through the api.
  3. You can use #XXXXXX for HEX color codes. Example: '#663EF6This text would be purple!'
    First of all please make sure that the TAB setting "display-vanished-players-as-spectators" is off since there have been several reports that it can cause players to be put into a 'weird spectator mode'.
    Can you test it without the TAB plugin? Do the tablist related issues still happen without it?
    Please also try setting PlayerHider to Prevention in PV's config and try turning off MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators. That way we can rule out ProtocolLib-related problems.
    I don't see why join/quit messages of players who aren't vanished would be hidden. PV doesn't have a function like that. The only way this could be happening is if the player isn't actually fully unvanished e.g. because there was an error when unvanishing. You said no console errors so this is indeed strange.
    There is also a good chance that since the 1.17 update another of your plugins has changed and is now causing incompatibilities with PV. Please test if the issue happens on a test server without any plugins but PV and ProtocolLib. Often the issue is that another plugin clashes with one of PV's many features and causes unexpected behavior. To find out which plugin causes the issue you can setup a copy of your actual server and remove the other plugins one by one to see which one causes the problem. You can then include that plugin's name and version in a bug report so I can fix the issue or give more insights about how it can be fixed. Often it's only one of PV's features that is incompatible with the other plugin and that feature can simply be turned off in the config until I find a proper fix.
    I've sent you a PM in case you want to add private info.
  4. Is there any chance of adding Velocity support?
  5. I have the same issue with staff not getting notified when other staff join or leave in vanish..
    is there a permission for this?
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  6. Hey there, suggestion: I can't use the PACKET mode vanish which allows showing in tab list, instead would it be possible to add a "spoof" for the EssentialsX AFK? I think it would be great for some of us who use the hybrid so we can't do the show in tab list feature
  7. Having an issue with player visibility. Players only see staff members if they unvanish in the same world (distance irrelevant). Unvanishing in a different world makes the staff member invisible to players, both in tab and physically, until the staff member re-vanishes and unvanishes in the same world.


  8. Hey I was wondering if there was a fix to players in spectator mode not being able to receive messages whilst in spectator despite NOT being vanished or offline. At first I didn't think it was an issue with vanish plugin however when you try to message a staff member who's in spectator it gives off the "PlayerNotOnline: '&cThat player is not online!'" message in chat which makes me think it must have at least something to do with premium vanish.
    My aim is staff members in spectator can still be /msg'd as normal so it would not appear like staff are watching anyone.

    If this isn't because of your plugin I apologise and thanks very much in advance!
  9. It's planned but it's a lot of work so I don't want to give an ETA on it.
    Can you send me your PV config file? Maybe you've misconfigured the fake join/quit messages section.
    Turning off BroadcastMessageOnVanish/Reappear turns off both fake join/quit messages and staff announcements. Older config versions had it named differently.
    Unfortunately Essentials has implemented their vanish plugin support in a way that only works when the player is not only hidden with Essentials' user#setHidden(..) API, but also hidden via Spigot's Player#hidePlayer(..) API, which PV is only using in the Interception and Hybrid player hiders. I can't use it with Interception hider since that API automatically hides Players in the Tablist.
    Spoofing it e.g. via packets is quite tricky, incomplete and would probably be dependent on which message Essentials actually sends when you go AFK. You can probably just configure the VanishCommands/ReappearCommands section to execute commands of your permissions plugin to remove the permission from vanished players automatically.
  10. Does this also happen when using no plugins but PV and ProtocolLib? I haven't seen other reports about this issue yet. Maybe ViaVersion plays a role here. Using the Prevention PlayerHider in PV's config probably bypasses this issue, right?
    Is it the exact PlayerNotOnline message as configured in messages.yml? Can you try changing it to see if that's the case?
    I don't see how there's anything in PV that would mark players as vanished or cancel commands when the player isn't actually vanished. Which plugin's command does this happen to? In case of Essentials, does this still happen when setting EnableEssentialsHook to false in PV's config file? There can also be issues with the Essentials hook when using the Interception PlayerHider (which allows showing players in tab). Are you using that setting?
    Are there any errors in the console?
  11. I did indeed, however i can't figured out what the permission for the join leave messages that is meant to be send to staff is?

    I get those annoying ones when they do /vanish, but not when a staff joins/leaves in vanish..

    BroadcastMessageOnVanish: true
    BroadcastMessageOnReappear: true
    AdminsGetAnnouncementInstead: true
    DontSendFakeJoinQuit: true
    DontSendAdminAnnouncements: false
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  12. Hey, is there a way to just use the "real" Permissions and ignore if the Player is OP?
  13. Hi, do you think you could add an API method to show and hide players silently? Or, add a second parameter to the already-existing methods which would be a boolean determining whether or not to make the action silent?

    EDIT: When I say silent, I mean not show the join/leave message.
  14. Just to confirm that I am also having this issue where I unvanish and players are unable to see me/staff. I have to unvanish, switch worlds and come back, then they are able to see me.

    I am on PV 2.7.1 Tuinity 1.17.1 build #31 and ProtcolLib 4.71 snapshot #531. I have not yet had time to investigate all the scenarios as per ProjectEden's post further up.
  15. For there to be a staff announcement when a vanished player joins/quits the following is required:
    • MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.HideRealJoinQuitMessages needs to be true
    • MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.AnnounceRealJoinQuit needs to be true
    • The other player needs to be allowed to see the vanished player that is joining or quitting
    Unfortunately due to how permissions work with spigot that's not really possible to do without needing to hook into every permissions plugin in existence.
    In case you are setting up the layered permissions, I don't think there is any other way than to just deny certain permissions directly through the permissions plugin (which should override OP).
    Thanks for the suggestion, that needs to be added. If you don't mind hooking into PV directly you can already use the internal code to do this:
    With the following hidePlayer and showPlayer:
    • hidePlayer(final Player p, @Nullable final String hiderName, final boolean isSilentFlag,
      final boolean isShownInTabFlag)

    • showPlayer(final Player p, @Nullable final String showerName, final boolean isSilentFlag,
      final boolean isShownInTabFlag)
    Hey, please also try setting PlayerHider to Prevention in PV's config. That should bypass the issue.
    Please also test if the issue happens on a test server without any plugins but PV and ProtocolLib. If not, to find out which plugin causes the issue you can setup a copy of your actual server and remove the other plugins one by one to see which one causes the problem.
  16. Interesting, I'll look into doing that for now. Is there an ETA on when you might add it into the API though? :)
  17. I have a problem and when I go into the vanishe I am still visible in the tab list auserdem comes this error message! what is the problem?

    • [19:45:28 INFO]: MinecraftSGP issued server command: /v
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Unknown exception occurred!
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Please report this issue!
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Message:
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] No field with type java.util.List exists in class PacketPlayOutEntityDestroy.
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] General information:
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] ServerVersion: git-Paper-43 (MC: 1.17)
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] PluginVersion: 2.7.1
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] ServerPlugins: Captchas v1.3.2, LimitCreative v1.10.0, NoChunkLag v2.4.1, GG-DUP v1.0, InvSeePlusPlus v0.10.2-SNAPSHOT, AntiLagSystem v1.1, PrefixSystem v1.3, NoMobLag v2.3.3, PermissionsEx v1.23.4, AntiCurse v4.0.0, Vault v1.7.3-b131, TigerReports v4.12.10, WorldEdit v7.2.6-beta-01+1415e6f, Essentials v2.18.2.0, WorldGuard v7.0.5+3827266, EssentialsSpawn v2.18.2.0, CoreProtect v20.1, TreeFeller v1.16.2, AureliumSkills vBeta 1.2.0, LevelledMobs v3.1.1 b481, IllegalStack v2.3.3, HolographicDisplays v2.4.9, LiteBans v2.7.5, ProtocolLib v4.7.1-SNAPSHOT-b531, AAC5 v5.2.0, Orebfuscator v5.1.5, PluginHiderPlus v5.2, AACAdditionPro v7.1.2,
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Settings:
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] MsgsVersion: 2.7.0
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Settings: ||InvisibilityFeatures.NightVisionEffect>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisableDamage>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisableHunger>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisableMobTarget>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisablePreventBlockPlacement>true||InvisibilityFeatures.RequireChatMessageSuffix>/||InvisibilityFeatures.OpenChestsSilently>true||InvisibilityFeatures.OpenPlayerInventoryOnRightClick>true||InvisibilityFeatures.AllowSpectatorInventoryEdit>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisablePressurePlates>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DisablePush>true||InvisibilityFeatures.HideInTablist>true||InvisibilityFeatures.ResetShowInTabOnQuit>false||InvisibilityFeatures.HideInGame>true||InvisibilityFeatures.HideSpectatorMode>true||InvisibilityFeatures.DefaultPickUpItemsOption>false||InvisibilityFeatures.CustomCommandMessages./examplemsg1 <vanished>>&cPlayer not found||InvisibilityFeatures.DisableEnvironmentalDamageAfterReappear>5||InvisibilityFeatures.SetSleepingIgnored>true||InvisibilityFeatures.SwitchGamemode>true||InvisibilityFeatures.HideAdvancements>true||VanishStateFeatures.AutoVanishOnJoin>false||VanishStateFeatures.ReappearOnWorldChange>false||VanishStateFeatures.ReappearOnQuit>false||VanishStateFeatures.CheckPermissionOnWorldChange>true||VanishStateFeatures.CheckPermissionOnQuit>true||VanishStateFeatures.CheckPermissionOnLogin>true||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.EnableSeePermission>true||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.LayeredSeeAndUsePermissions>false||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.MaxLevel>100||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.HideInvisibleInCommands>true||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.AlternatePermissionChecking>false||IndicationFeatures.LayeredPermissions.StrictSetLevelPermissionChecking>false||IndicationFeatures.MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators>true||IndicationFeatures.MarkVanishedPlayersWithGlow>false||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.Fly.Enable>true||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.Fly.DisableOnReappear>true||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ChangeToOnVanish.Default>KEEP||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ChangeToOnVanish.ExampleWorld123>SPECTATOR||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ChangeToOnReappear.Default>KEEP||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ChangeToOnReappear.AnotherExampleWorld2>SURVIVAL||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ReApplyGameModeChangeOnWorldChange>true||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.ReApplyGameModeChangeOnJoin>true||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.GameMode.AlwaysApplyOnJoinVanished>true||SurvivalFriendlyFeatures.Location.TeleportBackOnReappear>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnVanishReappear.BroadcastMessageOnVanish>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnVanishReappear.BroadcastMessageOnReappear>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnVanishReappear.AdminsGetAnnouncementInstead>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnVanishReappear.DontSendFakeJoinQuit>false||MessageOptions.MessagesOnVanishReappear.DontSendAdminAnnouncements>false||MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.HideRealJoinQuitMessages>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.AnnounceRealJoinQuit>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.ReappearOnQuitHideMessage>true||MessageOptions.MessagesOnJoinQuit.RemindVanishedOnJoin>true||MessageOptions.DisplayActionBar>true||RestrictiveOptions.PreventBlockBreaking>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventBlockPlacing>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventBlockUse>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventInteract>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventHittingEntities>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventDroppingItems>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventModifyingOwnInventory>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventModifyingOtherInventory>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventSpectatorTeleporting>false||RestrictiveOptions.PreventCreativeItemGrab>true||RestrictiveOptions.HiddenCoordinates>true||RestrictiveOptions.Commands.VanishedCommandBlacklist>[examplecommand123test, anotherexamplecommand123]||RestrictiveOptions.Commands.UseAsWhitelist>false||ExternalInvisibility.ServerList.AdjustAmountOfOnlinePlayers>true||ExternalInvisibility.ServerList.AdjustListOfLoggedInPlayers>true||ScoreboardOptions.Enable>true||ScoreboardOptions.Permission>false||ScoreboardOptions.Sidebar.ScoreboardHeader>&6> PremiumVanish <||ScoreboardOptions.Sidebar.Lines>[, &aTarget: &f%target% %locked%, #, #&aPing: &f%ping%, , &aTPS: &f%tps%, #, #&aHealth: &f%health%/%maxhealth%hp, , &aTime: &f%time{hh:mma | yyyy/MM/dd}%, ]||ScoreboardOptions.Sidebar.InfoUpdateInterval>5||ScoreboardOptions.Targeting.AutoTargetClosestPlayer>true||ScoreboardOptions.Targeting.TargetOnRightClick>true||ScoreboardOptions.Targeting.TargetGlows>true||HookOptions.EnableEssentialsHook>true||HookOptions.EnableDynmapHook>true||HookOptions.DynmapSendJoinLeaveMessages>true||HookOptions.EnableLibsDisguisesHook>true||HookOptions.EnableDisguiseCraftHook>true||HookOptions.EnableTrailGUIHook>true||HookOptions.EnableSuperTrailsHook>true||HookOptions.EnablePlaceholderAPIHook>true||HookOptions.EnableMVdWPlaceholderAPIHook>true||HookOptions.EnableCitizensHook>true||HookOptions.EnableCustomParticleEffectsHook>true||HookOptions.EnableNametagEditHook>true||HookOptions.EnableFeatherBoardHook>true||HookOptions.EnableEnjinMinecraftPluginHook>true||HookOptions.EnableCMIHook>true||HookOptions.EnableDiscordSRVHook>true||HookOptions.EnableTitleManagerHook>true||InvisibilityMethod.PlayerHider>Hybrid||InvisibilityMethod.Advanced.DisabledInvisibilityModules>[ScoreboardTeam, TabComplete]||CompatibilityOptions.PlayerJoinEventPriority>HIGH||CompatibilityOptions.PlayerQuitEventPriority>HIGH||CompatibilityOptions.AsyncPlayerChatEventPriority>HIGH||CompatibilityOptions.PlayerCommandPreprocessEventPriority>HIGH||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.Enable>false||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.Ip>||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.Port>3306||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.CustomURI>||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.User>****||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.Password>****||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.Database>||MiscellaneousOptions.Bungeecord.BasicDatabaseConnector>false||MiscellaneousOptions.AntiSpam.AntiSpamCheck>true||MiscellaneousOptions.AntiSpam.AntiSpamDelay>1||MiscellaneousOptions.AntiSpam.AlwaysCoverVanish>false||MiscellaneousOptions.Command.Name>pv||MiscellaneousOptions.Command.Aliases>[premiumvanish, v, vanish]||MiscellaneousOptions.Command.ForceOverrideForAliases>true||MiscellaneousOptions.UpdateChecker.Enable>true||MiscellaneousOptions.UpdateChecker.NotifyAdmins>true||ConfigVersion>2.7.0||
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] StackTrace:
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: FieldAccessException: No field with type java.util.List exists in class PacketPlayOutEntityDestroy.
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at com.comphenix.protocol.reflect.StructureModifier.writeInternal(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at com.comphenix.protocol.reflect.StructureModifier.write(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.hiders.InterceptionHider.sendHideEntityPacket(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.hiders.InterceptionHider.setHidden(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.hiders.HybridHider.setHidden(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.hiders.PlayerHider.setHidden(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.VisibilityChanger.hidePlayer(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.VisibilityChanger.hidePlayer(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.visibility.VisibilityChanger.hidePlayer(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.commands.SubCommand.hidePlayer(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.commands.subcommands.VanishSelf.execute(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.commands.SubCommandMgr.execute(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.commands.FlexibleCommand.execute(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_17_R1.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at$ensureRunningOnSameThread$1(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.util.thread.IAsyncTaskHandler.executeTask(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.util.thread.IAsyncTaskHandlerReentrant.executeTask(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.executeTask(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.executeTask(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.util.thread.IAsyncTaskHandler.executeNext(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.executeNext(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.util.thread.IAsyncTaskHandler.executeAll(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.x(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.lambda$spin$0(
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: at java.base/
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] Please include this information
    • [19:45:28 WARN]: [PremiumVanish] if you report the issue.
  18. i have the latest protocollib version
  19. Is it a spec to be able to use msg and tell commands against someone who is Vanishing? If it's a spec, I'd like to be able to change it in config.

  20. skin error.. plz fix it
    change config : HideInGame: false , PlayerHider: "Interception"
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