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  1. Yep, BungeeCord. Sure, I'll try this out.
  2. Hi, his PremiumVanish plugin doesn't work in the spigot even if I connect it to MySql (error:
    But the credentials are right and the database has all permissions

  3. Hello. Im using PV on version 1.16.5 where work correct but same setup dont work on Lobby on version 1.8.8. Error here:
    Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Unknown initial character set index '255' received from server. Initial client character set can be forced via the 'characterEncoding' property.
    On 1.16.5 I dont have this error.
  4. So you are telling me PremiumVanish connected to mysql on a 1.8.8 server is not working?
  5. We already fixed it.Thanks
  6. Hey, what spigot version are you using? It looks like the MySQL server you are using doesn't support the default MySQL connector that's included with your spigot anymore (probably because it's outdated). With a recent Spigot 1.17 feature PV can now download its own MySQL connector, which should fix this issue as well, but that only works on 1.17+ (and perhaps on the latest 1.16 Spigot).
    So if you can't use an up-to-date spigot server then the only options are to either make your MySQL server support the outdated MySQL connector by configuring it or to switch to a database with an older version of MySQL installed that still has support for the connector that's used on older spigot servers. I don't know how to configure it to make it support older authentication protocols though. The best option might be to downgrade MySQL or to use a different MySQL server that has an older MySQL version installed. Or to upgrade spigot.
  7. Hey, not sure what it is but everytime I do literally any command on my server, I get a pretty long error in my FlameCord console.
    Would you know what causes this?
  8. It looks like you've configured the CustomCommandMessages in the configuration.yml file incorrectly. It's supposed to follow this format:
    Code (Text):
          '/examplemsg1 <vanished>': "&cPlayer not found"
          '/makemeadmin2 group <...> useradd <vanished>': "&c<vanished> is totally not online!"
    Since it's technically not a list there can't be dashes before the commands.
    If you don't need this feature and want to disable it, then just remove the last two lines, but don't add []
    Code (Text):
  9. Hey!

    I found a bug; if you're in vanish you still activate sculk sensors, which shouldn't be the case imo. Can you fix the please?

    Also, a feature to exclude commands from PV tab completion filters would be nice. I'm using a playerwarp plugin so players can create their own warps. However, the name of the warp is always the name of the player, so if the player is in vanished, their warp gets removed from the suggestions.
  10. Alright, that fixed it, thanks a lot!
  11. Hey! I noticed that this plugin does not integrate well with TelegramChat. Because even if the message "player left the game" is broadcasted in-game, the TelegramChat message is sent only when the player actually quits. And if a player joins while vanished, the message will still appear in TelegramChat. Is it possible to fix this?
  12. Can you send me a link to the plugin and the exact command that should tab-complete? I can add commands to a tab-complete whitelist if anyone should be allowed to tab-complete vanished players in that command.
    Yes it looks like it's incompatible. TelegramChat's author can add support for vanish plugins from their side by using the vanish metadata API (more info in PV's resource description). That wouldn't even require adding any new dependencies and multiple vanish plugins would be supported.
  13. Hey having a issue with pv, When my staff or i go into vanish using /v a "Ghost" image of the staff's skin" remains visable to players and other staff, when coming out of vanish on say the other side of the room for example the ghost image vanishes, Really need a fix for this.

    Another issue arose that when staff are coming out of vanish they now no longer have fly, though it is enabled in config to remain, And similarly when coming from the nether to the overworld for example, again fly is disabled.
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  14. Hi, Thank you for your response. For the tab-completion issue, I believe that a config option is necessary, since even /home can be abused into finding vanished players by naming your home the same as the player, and then checking whether the completions include it. This would result in a solution that works on one server, and does weird things on another.
  15. Hello, I tried to fork TelegramChat and fix the issue myself (I'm a developer), but I'm having issues with SuperVanish/PremiumVanish's API.
    I don't want to use Bukkit's default metadata, because I have no way to catch an event where a player has vanished or re-appeared, so I would have to constantly query all players and check if their metadata has changed.

    I tried implementing your API, and it would work very well (with the PlayerVanishEvent and PlayerShowEvent), if only I could get it to compile.
    I used this dependency in my pom:


            <!-- SuperVanish -->
    First of all, I'm getting this error:
    Code (Text):
    Could not resolve dependencies for project xyz.spaceio:telegramchat:jar:1.0.17-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at com.github.LeonMangler:SuperVanish:jar:6.2.0 -> me.clip:placeholderapi:jar:2.10.6: Failed to read artifact descriptor for me.clip:placeholderapi:jar:2.10.6: Could not transfer artifact me.clip:placeholderapi:pom:2.10.6 from/to maven-default-http-blocker ( Blocked mirror for repositories: [mvdw-software-repo (, default, releases+snapshots), dmulloy2-repo (, default, releases+snapshots), vault-repo (, default, releases+snapshots), citizens-repo (, default, releases+snapshots), placeholderapi-repo (, default, releases+snapshots)] -> [Help 1]
    This means that your API's POM has dependencies that are stored in HTTP-only repos (and not HTTPS). Please upgrade your dependencies to HTTPS because in Maven 3.8+ the HTTP ones are blocked by default and I had to edit my settings.xml file and disable the maven-default-http-blocker which is a security risk.

    Then, after disabling it, I get this other error:

    Code (Text):
    Could not resolve dependencies for project xyz.spaceio:telegramchat:jar:1.0.17-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: ca.jamiesinn.trailgui:TrailGUI:jar:1.0, org.dynmap:Dynmap:jar:1.0, me.kvq.plugin.trails:SuperTrails:jar:1.0: Could not find artifact ca.jamiesinn.trailgui:TrailGUI:jar:1.0 at specified path /home/mind-overflow/.m2/repository/com/github/LeonMangler/SuperVanish/6.2.0/dependencies/TrailGUI-5.15-SNAPSHOT.jar -> [Help 1]
    This suggests that your API depends on TrailGUI, Dynmap, and SuperTrails, but I clearly don't have them in my project nor my local Maven repo. I have no clue on how to proceed now, because I could try to manually install those JAR files in my local repo, but then the TelegramChat developer will obviously never accept a pull request that depends on local-only files.

    UPDATE: Using the PremiumVanish API instead of the SuperVanish API seems to work fine, even with maven-http-blocker enabled. I wonder if this API is compatible with SuperVanish though.
    This one:


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  16. Heya! Do you think it is possible to add a feature or permission that if you have it (or don't have it) it won't vanish you on join, but also won't change your vanish state in the database, this way i can give people perms to vanish in one specific server, and if they go to a server where they can't vanish and go back then they will still be vanished.
  17. There is a feature called MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators which makes you show up as a ghost/spectator to players who are allowed to see you. If you don't need that feature or it's broken on your server you can turn it off. If you still want staff to be able to differentiate between vanished and non vanished staff you can try the MarkVanishedPlayersWithGlow option instead.
    Vanished players need to receive fly when vanishing and pv.keepfly to keep it after reappearing. Some plugins, e.g. world management plugins, may interfere with this though. In this case you can give vanished players access to your /fly command by using the VanishCommands/ReappearCommands section to execute commands of your permissions plugin to give players access to /fly when they vanish and remove that access after they reappear. You can also experiment with putting vanished players into a gamemode that allows flying.
    I don't think there is any way to do that specifically, but maybe you can achieve something similar with a combination of the AutoVanishOnJoin, CheckPermissionOnLogin or ReappearOnQuit options.
    Yeah the SuperVanish pom.xml needs to be fixed, I'll look into that again. As long as you only use the methods that SuperVanish's API also has I don't see a problem with hooking into PV's API instead. You can also add SuperVanish's jar directly.

    Edit: SuperVanish's pom should be fixed now in <version>6.2.6-2</version>
    That's true. The reason I didn't make it configurable is because the internal tab-complete solution uses regex and it would be difficult to configure for most people. Additionally it needs to be configured on all spigot servers and on the proxy. I guess I'll add it to some kind of advanced config section in the next update.
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  19. Ah, perfect! Thanks! :)
  20. Hello,
    I tried to use the %prefix% placeholder in the message.yml file but because my prefixes use the following syntax for hex colors (&#12c2e9) instead of (#12c2e9) it throws an error (