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  1. There seem to be a problem with "ghost" vanished player
    when a player is vanish they do vanish from the list and stuff "BUT" at the location of the vanish player there will be a ghost player that stand there

    easily test.
    have 2 account log on
    1st account /v infront of second account and then look at second account screen you will see a ghost player there
    then first account unvanish that ghost account will still stand there untill first account jump. then that ghost account will get tp to the first account.
  2. I'm not sure if I understand this correctly, could you perhaps create a video or a couple screenshots describing the problem?

    Are you using the TAB plugin by Neznamy? The TAB setting "display-vanished-players-as-spectators" can cause players to be put into a 'weird spectator mode', so please try turning it off if you're using TAB.
    This could also be related to the MarkVanishedPlayersAsSpectators feature so you can try turning that off in the config file (you can use MarkVanishedPlayersWithGlow instead).
    There are no errors in the console, right? Please also make sure that you are using the latest dev-build of ProtocolLib.
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  4. when i go into v my eglow isnt detecting it causing my character to not disapear, is there a fix for this?
  5. Hello, is it possible to somehow display the vault prefix of a taget on the scoreboard? Currently it only shows the player name itself but I'd love to have the targets rank displayed as well.
  6. You are using the latest ProtocolLib dev build, right? Can you please provide the output of '/pv stacktrace' to give me more info about your server setup? I've just tested it on my test server with minimal plugins and I'm not having that problem.
    However, I think there may be an incompatible plugin that causes PV to break.
    Here's some general trouble-shooting steps:
    • Please try setting PlayerHider to Prevention in PV's config. This makes PV use more stable API and can help with many issues that are caused by ProtocolLib-heavy code. Knowing whether problems also occur with the Prevention hider helps me narrow down the problem in a bug report.
    • Please test if the issue happens on a test server without any plugins but PV and ProtocolLib. Often the issue is that another plugin clashes with one of PV's many features and causes unexpected behavior. To find out which plugin causes the issue you can setup a copy of your actual server and remove the other plugins one by one to see which one causes the problem. You can then send me that plugin's name and version so I can fix the issue or give more insights about how it can be fixed. Often it's only one of PV's features that is incompatible with the other plugin and that feature can simply be turned off in the config until I find a proper fix.
    Please also try disabling MarkVanishPlayersAsSpectators (and consider using MarkVanishedPlayersWithGlow instead) since that feature might be related.
    If you are using the TAB plugin by Neznamy then please additionally make sure that the TAB setting "display-vanished-players-as-spectators" is turned off, since it has been reported that it causes issues.

    If you manage to fix it please report back what caused the problem so I can help other people fix similar issues.
    Yes, if you have PlaceholderAPI installed you can use these placeholders to get the vault prefix. You might have to use "/papi ecloud download Vault" to download that placeholder expansion first.
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  7. Yes but that does not exactly what I'd like to accomplish. It shows my prefix and not the prefix of the target.
  8. Have you tried adding # to the beginning of the line? PV should base its placeholders on the vanished player if the line doesn't start with # and on the target if the line does start with #. Perhaps you can send me your config file so I can check?
  9. I didn't know that # changes the player it's focusing on, it works now, thank you! :)
  10. Hi, could you consider re-prioritizing a Velocity proxy version of this plugin?

    Considering Velocity has now joined PaperMC, Waterfall will be deprecated, and all users are advised to migrate their new and current installations to Velocity. Source

    This means there will be a lot more demand for Velocity support as the username grows and grows.
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  11. All of my database info is correct. It's working with one of my servers running the latest version. I have a server that's running 1.8.8, and it refuses to connect.
  12. [PremiumVanish] FATAL: Failed to connect to the database: Failed to initialize pool: Unknown system variable 'tx_isolation'
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  13. I fixed it
  14. Will vanish players be visible by f3+b?
  15. Sikatsu


    Hey, how can I solve these errors? TAB says PremiumVanish's API did not enable I believe. Dev told me to ask you about it ^^
  16. Hello, I want to report a problem where the plugin does not display prefixes correctly in fake messages. The prefix I use is: &#2980b9&lO&#5fa0cb&lw&#94c0dc&ln&#cadfee&le&#ffffff&lr and it supposed to look like this [​IMG], but the plugin displays it like this: [​IMG]. The first picture is a join message from another plugin that can customize the join message and the second picture is a fake join message from premium vanish.
  17. Unfortunately the pastebin has expired. Please create one that doesn't expire, e.g. with
    If it's a 1.18 related issue, please make sure that you are using the latest ProtocolLib dev-build.
    No they won't be visible there.
    I've suggested a PR in TAB's GitHub repository that should address this.
    Thanks for reporting, this will be fixed in the next update. PV doesn't seem to parse the &#xxxxxx syntax correctly yet. #xxxxxx (without &) already works though.
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