Prestige system along with different ranks

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Swimmy, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. I own a parkour server, and I want two separate rankup systems. One, that I currently use, is a rankup system using groupmanager, where when you beat the rankup course, you are brought into the next rank by clicking a sign. This is what I use as a prefix.

    What I also want to put in is a prestige system, which will be completely aside from the ranking up part, where you beat regular, non rankup courses which gives you money. You use the money to go through ranks, and then prestige, doing them again. This is planned to be as a suffix, completely aside from the ranking up part.

    I've been looking at prestige systems, but all of them don't seem to work well with groupmanager, and I'm not able to get the rank and the prestige over as a suffix, apart from the groupmanager prefix's, acting as the rankup system for rankups. If anyone can help me out with that, it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much :)!

  2. Nothing seems to work well with Groupmanager. Try switching to Pex, zPerms, or any other permissions plugin.

    And as for your prestige plugin, you can try to use EZPrestige, even though it’s purpose was for a prison server, I don’t see how it wouldn’t work.