Prevent a Bots Attack?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by EliteMx, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, how can I prevent bots from entering my server, is that lately I have received these attacks.

    Some complement that you know or some way to avoid it.
  2. You could try some anti-bot plugins that require the player to move before he types anything but bots can move and bypass this.
    I would recommend my plugin CaptchaX which includes some really nice protection :)
  3. You can try Bot Sentry, at the moment is the best antibot on spigot from what I've seen
  4. One thing that helped us out greatly... Whenever a bot attack starts we enable our VPN plugin and turn on a whitelist, that blocks all countries but the US, Canada, France, ETC...

    Due to the fact that most of the bots spoof IP's from the middle east, or some other place, the server doesn't even let them connect.
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  5. Hello this is not a real solution
    By doing this you are only saturating a plugin which uses an API to detect the different connections which generates an excessive consumption of resources which means a collapse of the API itself and the server
  6. Please use proper terms for describing what is happening.

    "Spoofing IP" is ususlly only a UDP method, while minecraft java uses TCP.

    So what the bots do is using public socks proxy lists which are automatically generated.

    Many of these proxies are infected pc's and servers, thats a reason why many of them origin from such locations.
  7. As others have said use Bot Sentry

    This is the best anti bot plugin I have ever used and we will always recommend this to clients with bot issues!
  8. All you need is a simple captcha plugin. Especially if you're working with 1.14.x due to the performance issues.

    Just disable all the extra shit the developers like to add that will leech performance and keep it simple for your users joining.
    Personally I use LagBug's with everything disabled but 1 captcha and it has worked flawlessly from day 1.