prevent any player from pinging the bungeecord

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by SauronYT, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Is there any way to prevent bots from pinging and try to connect to my bungeecord.
    The simple fact that the bots try to enter the server causes a lot of lag to the online players.
    (I tried a lot of different antibots systems but none works)
  2. You could try some sort of DDOS protection to direct the requests away from your proxy.
  3. is a bot attack, no a ddos attack
  4. Before you talk to me please learn correct grammar.
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  5. If these attacks always come from the same IP adress think about blocking it from you Root or V-Server
  6. If the bots use up a lot of CPU you're gonna have to block em from the router level.
  7. thats waht i said ^^
  8. how I can do that? the bots uses proxies
  9. then you have no chance beside getting a good DDOS protection
  10. No need to be rude over grammar. You get his point.

    Do you even have any idea what you're talking about? A simple bot attack wouldn't be detected as DDOS. At least not a normal one.

    I assume you have a cracked server? Do the bots even join the server or are they just pinging?
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  11. At first he said bots are trying to connect to the server so he probably has an online server and the bots are cracked.

    And i think you have no idea because DDOS means if you penetrate a server with many so many requests, that he cant response. And if the Bot attack would be big enaugh it is an DDOS.

    And sorry for my misspellings but I am from Germany. :)
  12. Hence why I said that a normal bot attack wouldn't be detected. Bot attacks are done to fill servers and then crash them due to the load all of the players cause. In this case, it looks more like the actual network traffic itself is causing the crashes. If that's the case, then I fully agree with your statement. It it not too clear to me what is causing the exact crash though.
  13. Yeah, my server is cracked. when a big amount of bots try to interact with the bungeecord, players start to have lag but the bungeecord dont crash. I want to know if there is any way to put the bungeecord in a kind of "whitelist" when it detects many players trying to enter at the same time.

    Sorry for my bad english :p
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  14. Honestly... If you have a cracked server, (well first you could've told us this in the beginning) but you need to have a verification plugin.
  15. Is semicracked server, premium nicks are blocked (Only real owner of the acc can use it) and no-premium players have to register.
  16. There is no such thing as "semi-cracked" there is not cracked and cracked. There is no real way to test if it's a premium account or not.
  17. Check if the IP the bots are connecting from a known proxy if they aren't then hey! Try to get a plugin which detects joins per minute, if it's more than something then players will be kicked etc. Or I could make one? and
    try something like them two.
  18. Nothing against what you said but, wouldn't they have to manually add the proxy's? Unless it had added a:
    "Are you a human? :>" "User Response: Yes"

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