Prevent Dragon Respawn

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  1. We are running the latest Spigot 1.9.4 release. We are using Multiverse for multiple worlds. We have WorldGuard as well.

    We have created a second End world that we use for a space theme, the dark sky without a moon is the primary reason. This worked fine in 1.8, but in 1.9 we cannot get the dragon to stop respawning with every restart. I've managed to disable block damage from the dragon (I think), but cannot figure out how the hell to get the dragon to stop respawning in this world.

    I've tried disabling all mob spawning, I've put the world on Peaceful, etc. Nothing works.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance, all.
  2. I'll swiftly write you a plugin which cancels the spawn event if the entity is an enderdragon, what's the name of the world?
  3. Is this after you have stopped ignoring all Skype and SpigotMC messages about my plugin, which is 4+ days overdue after you took a $100 prepayment for it and then stopped replying?

    EDIT: inksquid_ has now contacted me, waiting on plugin to be provided. Post will be removed after provision.
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  4. Appreciate the offer, but we won't be buying any plugins for this. Not for more than $5 anyway.
  5. It was an offer for a free plugin.
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