Prevent dropping an item on death

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  1. Hello all,

    I would like to prevent a certain item from dropping on death. For example if players inventory contains a clock on death of player do not drop the clock on the ground (but drop all other items). Would I need to loop through the entire inventory?

  2. Here code
    Code (Text):
    public void onPlayerDeath(PlayerDeathEvent e) {
    List<ItemStack> list = e.getDrops();
    List<ItemStack> otherlist = new ArrayList<>();
    for(ItemStack i : list) {
      if(!i.getType().equals(Material.STONE)) {
  3. I’m pretty sure you can simply remove an element from the drops list
  4. Hey thanks for the reply! How can I achieve this with Skript?
  5. Oh I didn’t notice this is the skript section and I don’t think that @chochoco4777 noticed either.
  6. on death of player:
    remove clock from drops

    #not tested
  7. Hmm yeah I had also tried something similar to this. However the clock will still drop on the ground when player dies. ^Also tried using what you had written there didnt seem to work
  8. try remove clock from victim's inventory
  9. Still no luck with this. I have:

    on death of player:
    remove clock from victim's inventory

    Clock will still drop on death of player.
  10. you need to loop all items of players inventory to make this