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Solved Prevent handshake spam from invalid names

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by archlinux, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    We're an offline server with a lot of users using the character: - on their nicknames.

    The problem is that after the #787 update, none of them can connect anymore. I'd like to request that feature to be toggleable under bukkit.yml as we have never suffered any bug/exploit/crash as the commit suggests, so we can let those players have fun again.

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  2. To lazy to post the large image so I'm just gonna type it.

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  3. Wtf ? Are you on acid or something ? I'm asking for an *OPTION* to toggle it, so *WE* can have a *CHOICE* to enable the feature or not. That's something bukkit never allowed us to do. Spigot is awesome because of that.

    You're probably at the wrong community dude.
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  4. Bestle


    You are asking for a commit to be made that would specifically benefit offline online servers - I really can't see this happening.

    Just do it yourself.
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  5. I'm entitled to my own opinion, you have no control over what I can and cannot say.

    I despise cracked servers, and you are running one which means I despise you. Cracked servers should not exist and I will do anything within my power to stop anything that will benefit shitty servers like yours.

    This wouldn't be a problem if you have online-mode to true.

    Have a fucking nice day.

    P.S. I love you.
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  6. hey you lost your LoveVirginity! :D *cough* couldn't say that at our 5 month anniversary but suuuur. *Cough*

  7. I'm pretty sure the community isn't guided by your personal beliefs my friend. Also your beliefs are dumb, because many servers choose to DROP connections from the outside to avoid DDoS attacks and the most obvious reason: The commit won't stop offline servers from running.

    Mojang itself is not doing a thing or paying attention (as YOU seems to) at offline servers (besides the warning message when starting the server in this mode) so, it's pretty ridiculous and again dumb, your 'political reasons' to hate-offline-servers.

    You're advocating for a thing that you have no clue/idea at all and I'm glad that when you say that you would do "anything within my power to stop offline servers", the only thing you could actually do is make stupid posts with senseless argumentation like you did/do.

    I'm glad also that so far only the author of the commit jumped into your side to approve your (lack of) sense. Also please don't waste your time arguing with me, I don't give a damn for what you think is wrong nor your personal beliefs/philosofy. Keep it to yourself and stop hijacking this thread as the point here is not political or ideological, it's only the matter of giving the great spigot community the *Right to choose* to enable or not a feature.

    TBH is not a problem for me to recompile Spigot without it. I can even wrote a simple 'sed' script to make it in a few seconds. But as I love from the bottom of my heart this community, I'm simply trying to warn ppl that 1) the commit 'fix' a problem that didn't even exist and 2) let the community have a choice, please.

    - verify-nicknames true/false

    That's it, that's all.

    BTW: I love you too.
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  8. Guys, don't start a I love you war - Take it to a PM
  9. Don't worry, I'm done already.

    Hope md_5 can find the time to check this thread ASAP :)
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  10. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Fine, added -
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