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  1. Hi.

    Recently i noticed that the last update of Bungeecord has a new option called prevent_proxy_connections it says is an option from mojang. but my question is, what is it exactly for? and how it will affect a network if i put it to true.


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  2. Good question. I wondered the same.
  3. I'm fairly sure I've seen this question fly by several times on the forums, yet I don't think alot of them were answered. Still looking for an answer as well :p
  4. It probably prevents users with a proxy to join.
    not sure tho
  5. I highly doubt it. That would be something revolutionairy.
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  6. I bet all of them use a list of known proxy / VPN IP addresses. Buy a VPS at a random hosting company, use it as a tunnel and boom. VPN. How would you detect that and block it? If there's a guarenteed way of doing it I'd love to hear it ;)
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  7. To name one: ASNs. It's only a matter of sorting residential and commercial hosts.
  8. I don't think that would improve too much. It still leaves possibility of using a custom made VPN. All a VPN or proxy is is just a connection through a different IP address. You could lay a raspberry in McDonalds and connect through that. That'd be a VPN (a shitty one, but aye). :p
  9. yes. you could lay a raspberry pi in a mcdonalds and bypass Netflix's anti-vpn/proxy. What's your point? It's impossible to block all forms of vpn/proxy, but who the hell is going to go through all that trouble to get around an anti-vpn/proxy?