Prism/Coreprotect alternative?

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  1. Hi, i've been using prism since like forever, i think since 1.6, but now it totally stopped working. Prism nor CoreProtect is being updated, and those were actually the best imo.

    Is there an alternative to those 2 that works with 1.8 and is being updated? If so, is there a way to import the database to the new plugin?

    thx in advance :)
  2. The latest CoreProtect is still working with 1.8 builds, the only additional bug I spotted was ItemFrames was not rolled-back properly.
  3. Serch. Logblock is update
  4. Intelli


    The CoreProtect 1.8 update is finished, it's just in the bug testing/fixing stage.

    I'd expect it to be released within a week.
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  5. works flawless, thank you!