Spigot Prism 2.1.7

A powerful grief management system for rollbacks, restores and more!

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    Prism - A powerful grief management system for rollbacks, restores and more!

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  2. Hi! Nice to see another Prism fan! :)
    Sorry for the troubles, we've had several people report this. We've been building/testing Prism with MySQL 5.7 and I believe it's due to an incompatibility with older versions of MySQL. Can you try setting
    Code (Text):
    useNonStandardSql: false
    in the mysql section of the config and see if that fixes it? I'm considering making an auto-detection so it will fall back to pre-5.7 compatibility if it detects an older version.
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  3. It works. (He's staff on my server) Thanks!

    Another question, when I do /pr rb a:drop p:player r:ratio t:time, I only get 1 item, look at this:

  4. Yes! Problem fix!
  5. Huh.. that does indeed look like a bug. Do you have any errors in console? I'm wondering if its a bug in the way the "non standard sql" mode works, since we never use it. I'd have to do some testing to compare (unless you can test it with mysql 5.7?) but I won't be able to do that this week unfortunately. It's hard to get time to test it with configurations/resources we don't use, since I'd have to set up a whole other test environment :/
  6. No worries! I mean, it's not really urgent coz the version we are using right now a:drop doesn't work anyways. We can't update MySQL because we don't want to break anything since everything works okay xd. We are using: mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev. If you need any testing just ask, we've been using this plugin for years.
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    Minor changes

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    Prism 2.1.6 Released

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  9. What's the difference between CoreProtect and this plugin?
  10. I tried CoreProtect and didn't like it. I don't know enough about CP to do a true comparison. But here's an example of Prism's output. Note that repeated entries are grouped (e.g., "x6") and that drops and enchantments are logged.


    Prism is undergoing a lot of changes at the moment. I'm using build 129 from the dev server at
  11. That looks really nice and promising
    Does it work with lower than 1.15?
  12. No. I have a version that I used on 1.12.2.
  13. Nice plugin! By the way, it won't register the insert action unless you shift+click the item to do so.
  14. Nice! Another thing, ┬┐Is there a way to reactivate sqlite or make the plugin store the data before sending it to mysql? Because sometimes the plugin "skips" logs (ex. duplicated an enchanted axe and threw it at the fire just as a demonstration and couldn't roll that back xDDD) or shows new logs with up to 2min delay on the lookup if the connection is not stable enough.
  15. Where can we get the 1.12.2 version?
  16. Did you modify config.yml for your MySQL server?
    What's in the startup log file?