Spigot Prison Bombs 1.1

Drop TNT into mines and watch the items explode.

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    Prison Bombs - Drop TNT into mines and watch the items explode.

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  2. would get way more downloads if you used MRL or had the required plugin cheaper
  3. I requested this plugin to be made for my server quite surprised he is releasing it to the public & free
  4. You're more than welcome to use it, trying to build up my public portfolio.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, the plugin has been updated, and now supports both Prison Mines and Mine Reset Lite.
  6. I have a few suggestions. Make it so you're able to change the I'd of the bomb (ex: instead of tnt have it a firework star). Also have different tiers (ex: tier 1 explodes 3 block radius; tier 2 explodes 4 block radius; tier 3 explodes 5 block radius). Also to be able to change all messages.
  7. Also a MineRocket where when you right click a firework it shoots off destroying blocks. You can set how long it last and how big the radius is for each tier. You can also make it bounce off of the boundries of the mine so it continues its seconds and doesn't destroy/stop.
  8. I hope I helped! Looking forward for the updates!
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to implement any features that I feel fit with the theme of the plugin.
  10. any commands or permissions?
  11. Not currently, very simple right now. Feel free to request any ideas though.
  12. would you be able to add commands to give the bombs and maybe a permission for it and /prisonbombs would show you a little help screen with what to do also how do i get the bombs now?
  13. also maybe add world disabled in so that you cannot have bombs on plotworld
  14. Currently, the bombs are just normal TNT and the plugin is just meant to be an easier way of igniting it. Bombs will only work in the mines anyway, so they won't work in a plot world.
  15. how do i get it to work im in a mine with tnt do i place or throw?
  16. i throw one put it doesnt work as i have itemholo
  17. Any updates for 1.11? We have this and Prison Mines but it doesn't work.