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  1. Hello, I am for soon opening a prison server running on a bungeecord network and need a good system like most servers they have {A} (Displayname) that's what I want I need a rankup plugin that supports if you have a donator rank or a staff rank it will show {Staff/DonatorRank} and you will still be imported into the prison rank you are in like A-Z or Free but it will not display it unless your a non rank/staff. I want a plugin like that.
    If there is one let me know A.S.A.P PS: If it has a Gui rankup even better!
  2. So many threads on this already, please LOOK AROUND!
  3. Maybe use deluxechat and pex together? I did something similar on my facs server ;)
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  4. I think @SirFaizdat is fixing that in his Prison 3 Update.
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