Prison Plugins

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  1. Hey, I am currently creating a prison server and am looking for a 1.11 plugin that auto smelts auto blocks and allows fortune to work on blocks. I have had no look finding this so if you know of a plugin that does this please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help......................
  3. if you're just looking for just auto smelt/block with fortune and autopickup, the best option is VKAutoPickup. If you're also looking for Automatic selling of picked up item, the best option is AutoSell.
  4. Here you go:
  5. Bump............. So far non of these work and I can't afford VKAutoPickup. Are there any free fortune blocks?
  6. This plugin it's not bad ;)
    It contains AutoSmelt and Mine set
  7. Or try to use this for the only AutoSmelt with fortune