Spigot Prison Prefix V 2.0.0

A simple prefix plugin to use

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    Prison Prefix - A simple prefix plugin to use

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  2. Awesome thank you for this, this will got for good use.
  3. This seems like an awesome idea! Will be using it on my prison server. It makes it easier if using Group Manager, as ranking up, and having 2 different prefixes/suffixes can be hard to configure! :D
  4. Glad it's helping you two :)
  5. I haven't tried it yet but let me get this right it will have there regular rank [a] then this [Donor] so [a] [donor] <name> chat? (sorry for asking dumb thing)
  6. No, the [A] will come from your permissions prefix and this just adds another prefix.
  7. So [Donor] [A]
    are [Mod]

    Like that right? Donor and Mod being the original and this plugin adding another?
  8. Yep.
  9. Hell yeah! This is a lot easier than using other more treacherous methods.
  10. AWESOME PLUGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I may request a feature. Could you add multiple prefix tags (I'm talking about the thing you put into your essentials chat config {prisonprefix})
    So we could have like {prisonprefix1}, {prisonprefix2}, {prisonprefix3}, {Username} : {Message}
    End result: Donor+, Guard, Admin, BillyBob: Hi

    So like the config would look like this:
    Code (Text):
        prefix: '&e[&3Donator&e]'
        weight: 1
        permission: 'prisonprefix.donator'
        prefix: '&e[&3Donator+&e]'
        weight: 2
        permission: 'prisonprefix.donatorplus'
        prefix: '&e[&3Guard&e]'
        weight: 1
        permission: 'prisonprefix.Guard'
        prefix: '&e[&3Warden&e]'
        weight: 2
        permission: 'prisonprefix.warden'
        prefix: '&e[&3Mod&e]'
        weight: 1
        permission: 'prisonprefix.Mod'
        prefix: '&e[&3Admin&e]'
        weight: 2
        permission: 'prisonprefix.Admin'
    EDIT: Also if the player doesn't have one of the tags, its just left as blank. For example if the person doesn't have mod or admin their chat will just be
    Donor, Guard,, Billybob: hi
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  11. So we can have Base prefix + Donor prefix with this plugin ?

  12. Like the idea, would like this too :)
  13. Yes.

    I'll do this maybe :p
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  14. kill_da_trolls


    This is already possible through PEX! :p
  15. Maybe you are using Group Manager, and not PEX :p
  16. Awesome, others want it to P:
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  17. GroupManager is good for prison servers, Even tho its a pain in the ass to see that noobie message, Its good for prison...

    PEX is more complicated meaning lesss people know how to use it meaning les of a secruity threat!
  18. This plugin is a must-have and should be for sale :p
  19. I think this would be helpful as well.
  20. Updates anytime soon?
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