Prison problem

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Edvins, May 2, 2015.

  1. Hi, so basicly here is the problem - i have all set up, beside protection, if i set worlguard flag so players cant destroy spawn, or mines, they cant mine too, how can i put so mines and spawn is protected, and so players could mine?
  2. easyusual


    Make another region for the mine, and set build to allow.
  3. it will overrwrite main spawn region?
  4. And set a priority for that region.

    /rg setpriority 1500

    Edit: @Edvins ^^ Yeah if you set the priority.
  5. thanks, i will try
  6. @Edvins DELETE your builds flags on __global__ then set the flag passthrough deny on __global__ . Then make a region on the mine eg "/rg create mine1" then do "/rg addmember mine1 g:thegroupforthatmine"
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  7. i did it with priority - thanks, it helped well, maybe some of you can suggess what to add in OP prison?
    maybe sopme plots or something - i have mines and ranks from A-Z, pvp arena, what else to add?
  8. Add parkour (maybe a reward at the end) and a black market. I don't have much experience with prison servers :p