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  1. Who can help me make the prison ranks A-Z + (A-Z/Words) donor ranks staff ranks
    i need a big help with setting them like this-> [prestige][prisonrank] [donor/staffrank][name]
    prestige is done the only thing i want is prison rank and donor/staff ranks
  2. What permissions plugin are you using?
  3. Groupmanager but if there is another permissions plugin that wil improve or be easier to edit and settup whole ranks feel free to suggest that pl
  4. Honestly Luckperms would do wonders for you. They have immense amount of documentation and very fast and friendly suport if needed. What you can do with them is place all staff and or donor ranks in a track all prestige ranks in a track and basically any other category of rank you want. Then these tracks can be weighted which then allows for them to show in whatever order you want. Plus this plugin is just all around amazing feature wise.
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  5. Special thanks to you man you just helped my server to grow up step by step if you are interested i have a good role for you in my server (staff)
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  6. Make it head owner and you got yourself a deal. :D;)
  7. let me know your skype name
  8. If you ever need anything you can contact me on discord LordSherman#1816