Spigot PrisonCommissary 1.3

The first prison commissary plugin!

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    PrisonCommissary - For the best of prison servers.

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  2. Really Good Plugin!
  3. Hey, I need help making this work with Featherboard.... Pls, help me!
  4. Also if u can make it where the prisoner can buy and use 'special' paper to enter the commissary.... that would be great!
  5. Not going to work unless you use PlaceholderAPI.
    I was working on an update for that, will probably release soon.
  6. Thanks for the help! <3
  7. btw I used the placeholderAPI.... and it still doesn't work.
  8. do the following in game:
    /papi parse %prisoncommissary_points%
  9. Im trying to link it to my scoreboard. Featherboard... the command only told me how many points I had.
  10. Featherboard doesn't have PAPI support as far as I'm aware.
  11. well if it is any way for your plugin to work with feather board that would be great!
  12. I will most likely add Featherboard placeholders in the future.
  13. Not adding that.
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  14. Hello Aderm, I am Flamz you may know me from MiskMC but I am not sure. I was wondering about your Commissary plugin and how it functioned how do I make people enter the area and how to create a ticket! please respond asap I really need to know. Thanks.
    I know I am late and this plugin is discontinued but why not put it to good use.