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  1. Hello, i'm using Waterfall, i've found this two plugins;
    1-) BMSG
    2- BungeeMSG
    The first one is good, it almost has everything i needed except "/ignore" and a way to lock yourself in PM speech with someone you want to (basically if you lock yourself in PM mode what ever u text to chat the chat will act like you're using "/msg or /r"

    What features i'm looking for?
    1-) SocialSPY
    2-) /msg,/r, /ignore, locking yourself im pm mode with someone u want to and a way to stop accepting PMs from everyone
    3-) /helpop (It it's not a "must have" thing but i'd be happy to have it)
    4-) Config file to change how PMs looks like in chat

    Note: I do not want GlobalChat entirely, just PMs.
  2. Coding a private message plugin is very easy. Even if you are not that experienced, give it a shot!
  3. I literally have no idea about programming, i just have really small experience on HTML, CSS and C#, i've tried to work with Java few times and i couldn't understand a thing
  4. Okay, I could do it for you.
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