Solved Problem uploading file (~3 MB)

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  1. Maximvdw




    Despite the fact that the uploader says the file can be 4MB, I am having problems uploading a 3.7MB file
    I tried uploading the same file as before (a file uploaded previously) but this gives the same error.

    The same problems happens on a 3.3MB file and 2MB file.

    Seeing the error is different than uploading a 4MB+ file I assume its the PHP upload size setting causing issues (default set to 2048 KB)

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  2. FormallyMyles


    Press 'F' to pay respects.


    (Was having issues with spigot yesterday myself and then md fixed it)
  3. The max upload mb is 4 mb so i dont know whats wrong
  4. Maximvdw


    ^ probably that
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