Solved Problem with bringing up a Scoreboard (BungeeCord)

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  1. Hi,
    I was trying to reprogram the code in this video of {TheSourceCode}:

    The Video is about bringing up a scoreboard for a player when he is executing a command on a BungeeCord Server.
    But the server/bungeecord seems to have a problem with this line:

    Code (Text):
    My Server log says:
    And this is my java class:

    Could anyone of you please help me with this issue? I've tried so many things (like writing it in capital letters, tried it with the other option: "hearts"), but nothing worked. I am very grateful to anyone who tries to help me. :)
  2. NoSuchMethodError just try it without the Method.
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  3. Use #setType(HealthDisplay.INTEGER); instead
  4. Thanks for your answer. But without the line objective.setType("integer" or "hearts") I get this error message in my proxys server log:
  5. You mean "IScoreboardCriteria.EnumScoreboardHealthDisplay.INTEGER"? I didn't found another method with "HealthDisplay".
    If you mean this method above for real, I can say that this doesn't work, because the type of the method isn't the required "String" type. :(
    But also thank you for trying to help me! :)
  6. Then you don't have the newest bungeecord api.
  7. What can I do to update my bungeecord api? I use IntelliJ with Maven. According to the pom.xml file ( in my project folder my used bungeecord api has the version "1.12-SNAPSHOT".
  8. Look for a newer version?
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  9. Then use the version "1.13-SNAPSHOT"
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  10. Thank you guys for helping me! The update of the BungeeCord-API to the version "1.13-SNAPSHOT" worked so that I can use and bring up scoreboards now! Thank you so much @Jul1an_K and @xXPlayer2000 ! :)
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