Problem with domain name & webserver?

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  1. Hello,

    You can probably tell my strong point isn't anything website related, lol, anyways. I am having trouble setting up a subdomain from the DNS Manager Panel in enjin to hook onto my webserver, I have attempted multiple times but whenever I point the IP at it tells me it cannot reach the page? Does this mean that I have successfully connected them or does it mean that I have done it horribly wrong?

    Panda ;)!
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    Why are you using Enjin's DNS Manager? I suggest taking a look at CloudFlare instead. If you have any files on, and the page cannot be reached, that either means that something went wrong, or the DNS zone file is still in the process of connecting to the web server. We cannot tell directly from the cannot be found page, as many browsers have different pages for errors.
  3. I'm just using it because it's there to be honest. No other setup required. But yeah I guess I need to wait for at least 24 hours?
  4. It usually will take around 3 hours to propagate around the internet however it can take up to 24. As said before, you'd be far better off using ClouldFlare, it will add the additional bonus of near instant DNS updates.
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