problem with essentials, towny and baltop.

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  1. Hello

    I am working on a experimental minecraft server.
    And while testing all the functions I found a very annoying problem,
    that I just need to have fixed.

    What I started to notice is that when doing /baltop,
    it is actually having the town names there with their bank balance.
    That is not even the biggest problem actually.
    What is worse is the town names in the baltop are towns
    that have already been deleted and don't exist anymore.
    Essentials does not seem to remove those from the userdata.

    So my question is, How do I turn off npc's so that the towns don't show up in userdata and baltop anymore?
    Or how do I get deleted towns to be removed from userdata if I'd want to keep them.

    Another problem I have is /baltop seems to update only once every 3 minutes.
    Is there a command that allows me to make baltop update a little bit quicker?
    also (the slow baltop update does not seem to affect the deleted town names in anyway)
    In case anyone might think that.

    The towny version I'm using is
    Its a slightly older version. But it has always been reliable in the past.
    I did recently update essentials to the latest version.
    Because I updated it to 1.12.2

    Everything else seems to work fine or has been solved up until now.
    If anybody has any experience with this problems and knows the solution
    it would be of great help. Thank you.
  2. This is something that has to be changed in the Essentials plugin. You should update your Towny, that build is very old and there's been many, many important fixes since. The latest dev build is about to become the next release build and is very reliable.
  3. Thanks I will check out the new towny plugins. I do hope it does not have much effect on the towny commands and the way towny is played,
    Because I remember factions did change that way.

    I did check all the yml files that the essentials plugin has.
    Saw no line that would change this problem sadly.
  4. The new Towny will be the same thing you remember with more features and bug fixes, we have never had a major changeover like factions. Essentials doesn't have the option to ignore those accounts, you'll need a custom Essentials, or for the developers to add your request.
  5. thanks. It is because I don't recall having had this problem with older versions. I will find some solution.
  6. I am have a similar problem, i believe my essentials and townychat are conflicting.. When i created my town on my server, first the first few seconds i saw the town name and then i messed with something and now The name of the town doesnt show up as one of the prefixes.. How do i get it to show up again?
  7. Tip. Remove towny asap and get kingdoms+ on spigot for a low cost of $10 usd. ;) (to fix this issue I suggest using EssentialsX, yes it lacks features but just live with it. You could always disable some things in towny config.yml)

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