Problem with ghost player's

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  1. HI i have little problem with players who log in to my (hub) server and go to my other serwer (walls) with the portal, im using BungeePortals, and authme with mysql DB for all server's.
    After 1 hour's i see many Players when i use TAB with global ping but when i try write /list i see only me and y frends ant one, two players. What can i fix that problem. And second question is: How to enable login once in first server and disable with others? Its that safe? i have online mode off, but i want register and login only in hub server.
    Im apologize for my english, and thx for any help
  2. What bungeecord build number are you using?
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    I'm getting the same problem on BungeeCord #515. Got an error when adding an attachment so here's a screenshot:

    Edit: I found a phantom player and the server does actually think they're still online. I have a basic bungee msg and find command, and both worked on a phantom player.
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  4. always use last build
  5. Same problem for me with latest bungeecord build, I've rolledback 4-5 update and all is ok!
  6. now you'r server is ok?
  7. I've tried to reupdate this morning with latest spigot and bungee same problem, rolled back again