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Bug Problem with Hoppers and comperators

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by CloudeLecaw, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. We optated our Server to the 1.16.1

    We're using many Hopper and Comperators on our server.
    We noticed two things:

    1. The redstone signal, that can get fatched with a comperator when an item passes the hopper, is just a single mini tick, its not even enough time to let other acutators take action, many redstone circles behind this have no chance to react.

    We created a hopper sorting system that just let pass one items.
    When the items pass the hopper they just from hopper to hopper faster then the filter can react.

    looks like hoper also got fast?

    Many Redstone ciruts that work with impulsed redstone stignals also broke like a binary counter.
    because the impulsesignal of the Redsotne is to short now.
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  3. what JIRA is - You posted a picture that cant be clicked and linked - so pls post a link not a picture :3
  4. Scroll up, look above your title of your thread.
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